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We are all Farmers: Sowing To Earn. {Bonus Info Included}

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Everyone is a 'sower': Everyone Sows. Either you are conscious of this or not, You can not stay aloof.

We are all Farmers It is just our produce that differs.

We are all Farmers tho where you sow differs from mine.

Some sow the corruptible while some the incorruptible.

The world and all in it Our Farm!

Everyday, just as the farmer, you sow a thing or the other into something or someone around you.

The earlier you become conscious of this, the earlier you begin to watch how you live, and the better life becomes both for you and those you impact by your day-to-day living.

Nobody is an Island. You help others to help yourself!

And the Wonder of Sowing is that Someday, sooner or Latter, that which you have sown will surely come back to you. It is a law of nature that respects nobody: "Whatsoever a man sows, that will he surely reap".

If you sow stones You will reap stones, perhaps with some sand.

If you sow cursing curses will cleave to you as a dress.

If you sow wickedness You will reap wickedness.

Here is the Law of Retribution!

If you sow mercy You will reap mercy.

If you sow kindness You will reap kindness.

If you sow love You will reap love.

Here is the Law of Mercy!

Here is the law of Love!

"Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy".

Now in all is, The Law of Increase.

Nothing stays the same way forever: Change is an inevitable phenomenon.

A field unused will grow weeds. A brain untasked will grow dull.

A structure not catered for will soon decay. While that Rightly Invested will yield more VALUE.

That's what we seek: Sowing to EARN!

Sowing Words: {Coming}

Sowing Time: {Coming}

Sowing Money: {Coming}

Sowing Seeds: {Coming}

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Written by   73
1 year ago
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