Is There Such A Thing As Fate?

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Hola friends, How was your day? Mine was annoying and frustrating at first(which I'll discuss), the only good thing is that I slept. I can't tell the amount of time I did. I felt energized when I woke up, unlike the lethargy that enveloped me before I slept.

Fate or coincidence? This is what I kept asking myself during the early hours of today. So many events and I kept thinking all those events happening couldn't be a coincidence.

There is a general order to life, good and bad things happen, some events randomly occur and humans characterize some as coincidences and fate.

I have noticed a power supply problem where I live, anytime a problem arises, the house I live in would mostly be affected. I started thinking if someone has done something diabolical to the house because it can get frustrating.

So for the past few days, we've not had power supply only in our house because we exhausted our electricity credit and one of my neighbors refused to pay her bill so we can purchase more credits. It was finally paid today and buying the credits became the problem.

This was something that I could get on a normal day in under ten minutes but I tried everything with my extremely low battery but it wasn't just working out, there was a network issue. I even asked another person to try it, but it wasn't working out. I tried everything and I mean everything, draining my battery for it, still to no avail until a friend called that he had gotten it done after almost two hours, it took another 45 minutes for the token to show because of the application issues.

We finally got the token but it wasn't working, he made a mistake when he was typing the numbers. He corrected that and it finally went through only for the electricity meter to have another issue. We had to look for someone to fix that.

We barely had 30 minutes of electricity before it went off, my phone barely charged.

I just kept thinking 'What sort of luck is this? What are the odds that all those issues that occurred were just coincidental? Is there some bigger force at play here? Was it fated to happen?


Fate, according to the dictionary is the presumed cause, force or principle or divine will that predetermines events. It is also an event or a situation which is inevitable in the fullness of time.

It is also the development of events outside a person's control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power.

It's something that happens to a person or thing, especially something final or negative, such as death or defeat:


Coincidence of events is the appearance of a meaningful connection when there is none.

It is an occasion when two or more similar things happen at the same time, especially in a way that is unlikely and surprising.

It happens by chance or luck.

Many are quick to refer to good events that happen as fate. 'We're fated to be' they say. I've watched quite a number of Korean dramas and they have this saying 'if two people meet twice, it's fate but if they meet thrice by chance then it's fate'

Is there even such thing as fate? Does it even exist?

Is this life just full of bunches of coincidences masked as fate?

Can I think that so many sad things that have happened to me are supposed to be my fate?

Should we accept our fate?

Must we accept fate?

What happens If we reject the supposed fate?

Is Karma linked to fate?

I just kept thinking of all these today.

If you can answer some of my questions, or at least tell me what you think, I'll really appreciate it.

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May 18, 2022.


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The issue with the light token and how it finally entered, omo... Must have been really stressful and tiring.

To me ooh, I believe there's something called fate and I also believe karma is linked to fate

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1 year ago

Why though? It could have just been a coincidence

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1 year ago

We all use it as common words but without getting the real meaning to the words.

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1 year ago