With Bitcoin Cash, Your Future Is Secured.

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2 years ago
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Cryptocurrencies has now been the talk of the town. Since the rise in tremendous rise in Bitcoin and the recent rise in the Dogecoin,students (colleagues) who know I am into crypto do ask me questions on cryptocurrency and I discuss with them but some of the most purpolar and frequent questions they do ask me include the following and I will be elaborating my answers as well.

Forgive me for typing mistakes if any, I got my Samsung S8 screen cracked and I don't think I can be fixing it now.

For those new, the first question they ask is what is bitcoins?

That is a straight forward question though and actually contains not just an answer but explanations

I try to let them understand that, bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that had a been for a long time and is actually the first established coin passed by Satoshi Nakamoto. /*Even though, the man stays anonymous, he ha really made a great impact . */

Cryptocurrency is like any other online form of money like paypal and others with same ideology and way of transacting but bitcoins take that steps a bit further.

How is Cryptocurrencies similar to the online wallets they ask?

Here are some few points i hit on;

  1. To send and receive money you need a paypal or payoneer account and in the field of crypto also you will need an account which is your wallet.

  2. You always set a password for your acconts but with crypto you use the seed phrase which acts as a unique password to your wallet an when it is lost it cannot be recovered making it a bit different

  3. Just as you use the address of someone to send them money so will you use an address called the bitcoin address to send money to a fellow.

We go through a lot of chit chat where i help them create an account on their own . Some immediately , go ahead to ask the question everyone has to ask, "How do I make money through bitcoins?"

The truth of the fact is that, bitcoin is basically the most known crypto to the newbies and they ask about that first but do you know what happens next? They end up buying or working for Bitcoin Cash.

Making money through Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies is the easiest way to make money but not the easiest way.

Why am I saying that? At first, making some few bucks on the internet was really a trouble to deal with as there was nothing around to help you.

Having heard something small about mining fro m various sources they challenge me that I am lying and that through mining they can make huge sums of money. I laugh a bit and say fi ng d out for yourself.

Enough of the story, let's move to my topic for today. I will continue with the story later.

Have you ever sat down and wondered the joy you would have now if you were able to gt hol f bitcoins those days? Do you feel you have wasted an opportunity, then lose no hope since BCH is here to help.

If you are looking a promising coin that has a high yield in the future, please look no further to BCH. BCH through its features of low transaction fees, fast rate of block of confirmation and several other pros over Bitcoin, there is no doubt BCH will surpass Bitcoin in the near future. For me all I want to do is win, win no matter what and as such I look for a great weapon which is BCH.

Phone screen really disturing , I thought I could manage but no. I have hence decided to add some links of great pople articles on the site whose aricles you can actually read from to learn more on Bch. I will complete my article soon after I fix the screen.











but for all, one constructive advice i give to all is that, making it in life always depens on you as an individual and you got to choose wisely.

Thank you, it's Dangerous_Fly.

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2 years ago
Topics: BCH, Crypto, HODL, Moon


BCH is sure helpful for Daily transaction but this will not helpful till BCH not accepted widely in big company,.. Such as BCH should be use in passport center,ticket center,payment system on big company, buy car etc with bch.. As soon as BCH can adopt with this then we can talk BCH near BTC but BCH still far away as like our dream

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2 years ago

I dont think so BCH secure the future of rich who got tons of money to invest no pour people

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2 years ago

Great analysis 👌

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2 years ago

Why there's no bring it on anymore hehe.

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2 years ago

Hey. Long time no post!!! Nice to see you back here!!!

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