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The 2 Faces of Elon Musk: The Genius and The Egomaniac

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1 month ago

Elon Musk is among the most admired people in the world. Heck, I admire him myself, but due to his achievements and the times he innovates... not the rest.

You see, Elon Musk has two distinct personalities:

  • Innovator, Business Man, Over-Achiever;

and on the other hand...

  • Attention Seeking, Insecure, Approval Seeking.

I'm aware most people admire him as this Internet overlord who is flawless and near God-Status, but I actually see a lot going on with his personality.

You can really feel that he still has that nerd outcast personality... he seeks approval and attention, and sometimes that gets in the way of his usual genius personality.

We have genius innovator Musk and attention-seeking Elon.

Unfortunately for him, those two personalities have often very conflicting interests, as successful people can confirm - after all, those who seek mainstream approval rarely succeed.

Personality #1: Elon Musk is a Genius & He Knows What He is Doing!

First of all, his first personality is the one most people appreciate.

He is an over-achiever, a visionary, a great businessman, and someone who knows his way around marketing as well.

Not only that, he has that competence Carnegie would go on about for hours on end - the skill to get smarter people than himself to work around him.

Tesla's employees and those who work with Musk say that he is indeed a brilliant man and a genius in many ways.

He also knows that Crypto is the future, and he saw that even though he has a lot on his plate.

Someone in his place would probably focus so much on his business that Crypto would easily go under the radar - But Mask is well aware of the revolution that is coming.

He has been manipulating Crypto markets since 2017, and I'm sure he's been killing it and filling those bags, plus doing his fair share of dumping as well...

...but he is a moneymaker!

Personality #2: Elon is an Attention-Seeking Outcast

Although this is an unpopular opinion, I do consider myself to be a fairly good people reader and I find this to be a fact... and it's ok, we all have flaws, but I think this flaw gets in his way in a serious way.

On the other hand, even if the opinion is unpopular, nearly everyone around him knows this to be a fact.

Let me share some sources:

  • A Tesla Investor Who Pullet Out: "he thinks Musk is more concerned with being famous than with building a successful business that stands the test of time, like Ford or General Motors. “In a similar way to Trump, Musk is someone who loves attention. They are the kind of people who love to be famous,” the investor said. In his mind, “Musk smoked that joint on Joe Rogan to create a buzz. All publicity is good publicity, and the only thing he’s scared of the most is when you’re not talking about him.” ... "Musk isn’t Henry Ford, this person contended; he’s Kanye West, a star addicted to his own stardom who pulls the indecent levers of social media to amplify his audience and stroke his ego—someone who will “do or say anything to the detriment of their lives, their companies, and the rest of us, as long as people are talking about them.”  - source

  • There have been almost half a dozen high-level employees at Tesla who have always cringed when Musk withdrew his phone and started tapping out 140- and 280-character missives without any control or oversight." - source

Indeed, one of the ways you can easily see his manchild behavior is by following his Twitter.

I follow him on Twitter and I really love to see his inventions, his milestones, his products, and innovations, but then I have to cringe more than I'd like at his tweets that he definitely thinks make him look "badass", but really makes it seem that he is trying to recover from being an outcast most of his life.

This Dogecoin bullshit is what's leading me to vent through this post... the Dogefather thing is going too far.

Elon is letting his manchild personality #2 take the reigns, and it sucks!

When Personality #2 Takes the Reigns: The Dogefather

Well, Elon seems to be in full Dogefather Attention Seeking mode now, and he is doing his erratic stunts everyone working with him knows he does from time to time.

His antics, lately, have 2 big trends:

  • The Dogefather Trend: For Ego Stroking and Maybe for Manipulation

  • The Environmentalist Trend: Fighting for Press Coverage

Question 1: Do You Think Elon is Going to All In on Doge?

Question 2: Do You Think Elon Cares About Power Use?

If you answered any of these questions with a "yes", then you're going to have a bad time... you're a bit naive. Heck, I'm naive and I see farther than that!

These blind followers forget that Elon is Human, and they seem to be happy to jump down a cliff if Elon orders them to.

In reality, his motivations are very different.

First of all, the Dogefather bullshit:

He's been loving all the attention he has been getting and it shows. Blockstream already sent a satellite up there but it's not that he bothers doing research... he is a Crypto Newb - he is shilling Doge.

Now, look at his personality #1 - the guy is a genius... do you think a genius doesn't research something he is highly involved in?

He didn't research it properly because he isn't invested in Doge.

From my point of view, Doge is two things for Elon - he will make money manipulating it (check his reported buys and sells and his tweets) - and he is stroking his ego and attention-seeking personality with all of this Dogefather crap.

Again, do you think this is a sound business decision?

Doge has an extremely high concentration amongst a few accounts that own the majority of the coin. It's elitist and tasteless.

Plus, this:

Infinite supply, constantly minted, increasing supply token with infinite inflation as well.

Does that seem like a sound business decision for you? Or something that you even consider Musk's genius Personality #1 considering?

Do your own research on DOGE, don't grab your wallet based on celebrity tweets, even if they are innovators.

This is the final nail on the Doge coffin...

...WHY are you trying to reinvent the wheel!?

With DOGE Devs?


How about you cut your egomania and start considering blockchains with real value, fundamentals, and that don't have serious problems at a structural and fundamental level?

Potentially promising? Do you want to join John McAffee? That's how you do it!

The Environmental Bullshit: Who Are You Tricking Elon?

There are probably three different reasons to consider behind this second trend we're seeing in his behavior:

  • Environmentalists Got to Him: Don't Underestimate Lobbying in the Current Rotten System

  • He is Virtue Signaling: Egomania

  • He is Covering Up the Real Reason He Dropped BTC.

All of the three are very interesting!

How much coal do his electric cars consume? How much power does his infrastructure require?

Elon doesn't care about the environment, he is doing all of this for one or more of the reasons mentioned above.

Finally, you can bet your last DOGE that he is building a narrative for something else.

Even his personality #2 is smart.

Lobbying can be a reason forcing him to try to appease the environmentalists of the system. This is, however, the least likely scenario in my opinion.

Another reason may be that he is virtue signaling and using this to buy a press run - in a mix of personality #1 and #2.

Finally, he may be covering up the real reason he dropped BTC, which is likely as he seems to want to get into Crypto - he may be using DOGE as an onboarding tactic to create something of his own.

This environmentalism crap confuses me the most, the DOGE one is easier to understand.


I admire Elon, he has one of the greatest minds of our era and he could be up there with Da Vinci and so on if he wasn't living for his Ego.

We're lucky to have him, but at the same time, Crypto is paying a price for his ego trips.

He doesn't research crypto, doesn't invest himself into it, yet acts as an expert to collect internet and ego points.

I can also accommodate that he is just dazzled with Crypto - we all felt this way when we were starting - and maybe he'll grow out of it.

When he does, his personality #1 may spot BCH.

Until that time comes, please Elon, stop manipulating the markets and making DOGE surpass the market cap of nearly every good project out there.

Your fellow flawed human,


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Written by   575
1 month ago
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What Elon Musk doing is playing with crypto currency. Otherwise, how can he accept Doge ! Such a shitcoin.

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1 month ago

I watched a discussion ofJack Ma and Ellon, it almost made me laugh because Ellon became speechless on Jack Ma's questions. They are picking questions that they will discuss and I must say that Jack Ma is very brilliant guy, He's against Ellon Musk's Principles and plans to explore the space. I think Jack Ma hates Ellon a lot. If you will watch the video, you'll feel that Ellon is not comfortable on Jack Ma's words.

$ 0.05
1 month ago

It is but natural for brilliant men to be labeled as "Egomaniacs." The guy is indeed one of the greatest minds this planet has ever conceived and for that, we are on the same page.

$ 0.01
1 month ago

Elon recently admitted to being an Aspie I.E he has Asperger's. My step is an Aspie, so I know the condition. It's basically on the autistic scale. Many great people have aspergers, it tends to make one concentrate in one are or field only like, science, history maths etc. But one of the real downsides is a total lack of empathy, it's the main trait. This means the person doesn't understand how their actions affects other people.

They can fake reactions by learning how to react, but they don't have a natural reaction. I believe this is obvious with Elon's tweets he doesn't have the empathy to see how it may effect people, he just thinks it's funny. Apsie's can be infuriating.

$ 10.20
User's avatar jax
1 month ago

As much as I admire him for spacex,tesla and starlink.He is definitely a egomaniac, control freak and plans to create a economy where he controls the money and thus a whole lot of people.People are a bit cultish when it comes to his manchild behavior.

$ 0.05
1 month ago

Yes, I agree. Excellent article. I just wrote a piece on the subject here on called: "Knight to F4: Musk forks BTC+China..." It offers another explanation for the recent Tweets regarding one of BTC's mining energy source (coal). I agree he doesn't care about the environment much. Sending tourists to space burns a lot of fossile fuels! Once again, excellent article.

Because remember, Tesla stopping to accept BTC for payments is announced via Twitter where 60M+ people follow Musk. They know it will drop the price. This is a crazy opportunity for insider trading with 100x leverage down. The state behind the state in the USA will have noticed and had talks with Tesla/Musk.

$ 0.05
1 month ago

Tony Stark in real life? Well, I saw Musk with Stark in one of the movies. Hehe.

$ 0.01
1 month ago

I like brave people who can express their opinions. And I agree with you that Elon is a very cool guy. I do not know if Elon is a genius, but I am sure that so far the earth has not given birth to a second one like Leonardo da Vinci. If Elon is a genius, then most geniuses are like children, maybe that's why there is a duality in him. With Doge, he just started playing around, I remember his first tweet...and only the crowd forced themselves to buy, he did not actually call anyone to the fever. Later, yes, people bought and someone made very good money on manipulations, someone lost. And here is your second question: why do crypto enthusiasts not study projects before making their investments? Perhaps because many projects are abandoned by their founders? They don't promote them, there's no marketing, there's no community to support these projects? Here's how, for example, we are here on or the Hive and Steemit community? The crypto market is still too young to have its own principles and tools for fundamental analysis, and there are still quite a lot of manipulations going on, such as with Doge. I think it's just a lot of sympathy from the crypto community for Elon's personality. Thank you, I was happy to read your point of view.

$ 0.10
1 month ago

I have heard his name before but I don't know the face. Now he has face to me. I also heard Doge but I don't know what it is. But know I understand what it is. Weighing on the information, I will say I can't judge you nor Elon, because first you know him and you had your basis before you made your article and second is I don't know Elon myself. Base on the information you have given, I realized Elon is just human being, has flaws and imperfect. If his brilliant and flawless he is not human anymore.

$ 0.10
1 month ago

Ahh that is Elon Musk Look like

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Elon is simply an agent of chaos, some men just want to watch the world burn.

$ 0.01
1 month ago

Market crashed with a single tweet from an individual... Is Crypto really decentralized? Why care this much of a tweet ?

$ 0.01
1 month ago

Elon Musk is great man,dreamer and more successful than his fate.He admires him when he make some jokes that are best meem in the world.Yeah!He is dog father.His achievement are welcomed.

$ 0.05
1 month ago

That makes sense! He should at least be considerate of other people who invested in crypto. The crypto space isn't just for him. If he wants to make money, then he should make proper business deals but if he just wants to be up in trends for people to talk about, maybe he should audition for a role in Hollywood.

$ 0.05
1 month ago

Nailed it! Haha.

$ 0.01
1 month ago