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Playing It Safe is Too Risky!

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1 year ago

What if I told you that the way you see your financial situation is wrong, and that's why you keep on living paycheck to paycheck and depending on others to live?

Why do people who win the lottery get back to being poor?

Why do rich people in social experiences manage to earn back a substantial amount of what they had before?

It's all about two things - knowledge and mindset.

Now, what if I tell you that if you have the mindset, you can get the financial gains no matter if you have the knowledge or not?

This is true!

If you follow the people who have the knowledge closely, you'll be able to detect the trends that will allow you to capitalize on their knowledge if you are willing to take the plunge and accept the consequence.

But, if you think I'm being vague, read below to get the full scoop of what I'm saying here...

"Playing it Safe" is the Riskiest Move Ever: Understand This!

First of all, let's take a look at what I mean with this.

People in the crypto world are either earning lots of money, losing a lot of money, or simply stagnant in a never ending cycle of no profit sales and meaningless buys.

People in ReadCash, for example, are either making a substantial amount of money by investing their earnings, not earning a thing, or earning but cashing it out and therefore not being able to do much.

  • People don't buy crypto in dips because they are "playing it safe";

  • People cash out their ReadCash Earnings' BCH because they are "playing it safe";

  • People are afraid to lose money and therefore "play it safe".


  • By playing it safe, people lose out on Crypto Bull Markets;

  • By playing it safe, people never earn more due to BCH valuation climbing;

  • By playing it safe, people don't invest, and spent it all.

By playing it safe, people are constantly losing.

"Risking it" is the only way to get out of the rat race, for there is no investment without risk, but there isn't a rich man without investment.

People asked Mark Cuban:

"How Do I Get Rich When I Don't Have Money".

Cuban answered:

"You Don't! Get a job even if it is in McDonald's and earn enough to start investing".

There aren't many billionaires who can tell it like it is, but you need to risk your money to have it scale, for without capital to work for you, you only have your labor, which is never enough to get out of the rat's race.

You Can't Earn Extraordinary Amounts Without Gut-Wrenching Decisions!

Now, for the clear truth:

  • You Can't Earn Extraordinary Amounts Without Extraordinary Decisions.

These decisions are gut wrenching.

Remember all of the feelings you have when a bear market comes around...

Heck! Remember what you were feeling 2 days ago when we were in the red and all tokens were dipping to insane levels.

You feel seriously bad...

You feel like everything is getting worthless and it is dangerous to buy... because it can be a bear market and just keep on dipping.

On the other hand, remember the rush of bull markets.

You want more tokens as they provide you with so much income via defi and whatnot, you want to hoard, hoard, hoard, buying seems attractive.

If you play it safe, you only buy it high and sell it low.

If you play it safe, you end up losing.

To "win", you need to make the painful decision of investing when you're feeling bad, and selling when you feel like staying!

It is an ingrate task, but one you need to take.

It is hard, it feels awful, but that's how you consistently win and scale your assets.

Like I said in one of my previous posts, being rich isn't easy, and it certainly isn't for those who "play it safe".

It's far too risky to be safe.

Surround Yourself With Brilliant Minds, Drink Their Knowledge, But Take Up the Consequences:

But what if I told you that you don't need knowledge if you have the right mindset?

This can be hard since you depend a little bit more on others, but it is not only possible but highly rewarding for those starting out.

Take me as an example...

When this last bear market of last week took us, I was a bit depressed... I didn't quite know what to think, I was suspicious that this wasn't it for this year but I didn't know for sure.

Fortunately, I read in between the lines and looked at my surroundings.

Fortunately for me, I surround myself with brilliant people so I can look at what they are doing and what they are thinking.

I saw @MarcDeMesel stating some solid numbers and fundamentals for why this bear market was just a correction, and I took a look at what another brilliant mind he recommended us - @ColinTalksCrypto - was saying about this whole ordeal.

Now, I am not a crypto noob that didn't have a clue on what was happening as I had my suspicions, but since these guys were sure and I trust their judgement, I took the plunge and bought the low prices.

Boy, the climb hasn't properly started yet and I'm already on the green again.


Because I looked at my surroundings and thought:

- The guys I have followed for years started confirming that this is a "passing bear":

  • SecretsOfCrypto was always right and his calls are always on point - valuable info;

  • Tai Zen is also a great crypto analyst - golden advice and he agrees.

  • Musk is Shilling Dogecoin - Ups, wrong successful person to look at this time... (seriously, wtf)

- The guys I started following recently:

  • Marc throws a lot of money my way, which proves he is successful and knows what he is doing - his advice is valuable.

  • Colin is valuable for Marc, thus he must have given him money to earn or knowledge even he found valuable, thus he DEFINITELY knows his stuff.

So, what did I see?

I saw that both the people I always followed and the people I started following recently who clearly know what they are doing agreed on this being a correction.

I bought!

Best decision ever!

So, even if I didn't have the knowledge, I trusted minds smarter than me to have it... but this leads us to mindset, and a keyword which is - Responsibility!

If this was a long bear market starting, I wouldn't blame them for my call... I alone bear the responsibility of my actions.

Being responsible for your actions and holding yourself accountable is vital.

I didn't know enough to be SURE, I trusted these guys... but if they failed I would blame me for not knowing enough to consider following them in the 1st place.

Which takes us to the next point.

Buy Low, Sell High: It's Easy on Paper...

Trading is easy on paper...

...but why did I buy?

Because I am willing to risk it.

I didn't "play it safe" withdrawing my BCH tips and I didn't sell off my portfolio... I was willing to risk it, buying even further.

People who play it safe are missing that this crypto phenomenon, the early days of crypto... this is the SINGLE BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY of our lifetimes and you're SABOTAGING yourself by not risking it.

You are going to miss the opportunity of your lifetime because you wanted to "play it safe"... you'll never get out of the rat's race that way.

So I say, surround yourself with people smarter than you, study and keep on improving so you don't depend on them in the future...




Risk It!


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Written by   784
1 year ago
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All our lives we go about searching for miracles, to make us happy. And we forget the greatest miracle of all called 'life'.

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1 year ago

As Michelangelo famously said, “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” It's time to aim higher. Playing it safe is riskier than you think.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

I didn't know I was playing it safe until I read this. It really takes courage and it's all or nothing. Playing it safe is like you are keeping yourself to stagnate where you are. I just hope and am sure I will be brave enough to take risk and enjoy the fruit of my investment and decisions.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

As what rich people did, they know how to take the risk and manage it. I also believe in the guys that you've mentioned specifically Marc. Let's accumulate more coin and wait for the green😄

$ 0.00
1 year ago

We need to strengthen our resolve when it comes to it , playing it safe is not a giod idea because you might be left behind when the time comes for bch and for the other coins out there.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Yes you are right.You can't earn extraordinary Amounts without extraordinary Ddecisions. Decisions are most valuable part in our life. Most of us fears to take decision and don't want to take risk. I like your words and the whole article became worthy for me. Thanks for Writing this

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Exactly. Only way to win is to play.

$ 0.01
1 year ago

Good work Your posts very informative

$ 0.01
1 year ago

This is such an excellent article - I'm sitting here right now staring at my Coinbase account wondering when I should shove my USD coins into something else. How long do I wait, when is the right time - you know those stupid thoughts haha

Your article has given me another kick in the backside that I needed, thank you!

$ 0.05
1 year ago

Exactly experience is Although cheap but its learning is brilliant.I followed Now Sir Marc and Colin as I was not able to find them on Twitter but now I do it.I am looking forward to invest in Crypto signal by these two Guys.A lot of motivation.Thank you dear😍

$ 0.10
1 year ago

Yeah. It's right that if you want to win then you have to take painful decisions Because it is should be done by us that investing when you're feeling bad, and selling when you feel like staying!

Btw I saw your recent video on BTC Market Dominance Fades maybe you uploaded yesterday. It was good enough. Keep going man👍

$ 0.10
1 year ago