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Digging Deep: The Shady World of Craig "Satoshi" Wright

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6 months ago

Craig "Satoshi" Wright, the man behind Bitcoin SV, the guy who wants you to believe he is Satoshi Nakamoto himself...

...well, he isn't just a running joke in the Crypto world, he actually has a lot of supporters in BSV, and this is where things get a bit murky.

You see, most BSV advocates I met have their heart in the right place:

  • They want the true Bitcoin to succeed (peer-to-peer cash);

  • They respect the genius that is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Having said that, they are being misled by the founder.

We at BCH like to punch around BSV because of its flaws and of its leadership, but in truth, the community, in general, isn't that bad - they are honorable men and women who support BCH, they just don't know it yet as they are being misled by the few bad apples.

One of the best things that could happen to us at Bitcoin Cash was that those who have their hearts in the right place and support what BCH stands for to join us - and those who mislead them to inevitably fail.

Yesterday, I went over Blockstream, today I'm going to go over Craig.

If you're one of the good guys and you're a BSV supporter, it's not too late for you - read this and come on over to BCH, where the winners of Bitcoin as Peer-to-Peer Cash are (after all, the name itself points that out).

Don't stick to Satoshi's Vision, as the Satoshi in this name isn't the original one... but the one from Australia, "Satoshi" Wright.

The Famous WikiLeaks Shot: The Above Image is the Original ScreenShot

Can you trust a leadership based on cloaks and daggers?

Now, the answer is already a "no", but even if it was a "yes" the next question would be...

Can you trust a leadership using these shady tactics on a transparent system?

Heck No!

WikiLeaks claims he has been caught forging documents, and when this came out it caused quite a stir.

Unfortunately, SV supporters seemingly forgot these, but I'm here to remind them.

Throughout this post, I'll show you some interesting screenshots that may demonstrate WikiLeaks was onto something here (how surprising, am I right?)

What Do We Hate on ReadCash? Plagiarism... It Is Like Cancer:

If you're in this platform to add value, then you probably have been gritting your teeth at the amount of plagiarism we see here every day.

People who steal content from others and have no mind to create their own are a cancerous addition to this community.

The above image shows you a post by u/Contrarian where he goes over, in detail, how Craig plagiarized 40% of a paper.

Unfortunately, if you Google the SV Owner's name and "plagiarism", you'll find that this wasn't even close to being an isolated event.

There are countless plagiarism cases and Craig seems unphased by the posts in which it gets outed.

I'd be ashamed, don't know about you... but the fact that this guy is leading a community that stays convinced he's the harbinger of the new paradigm is even worse.

More Shady Tactics: Editing His Past to Implant Satoshi

Now, the defunct StopCraigWright page had a very interesting image, shown above, where they demonstrated that Craig went around changing stuff in his past to appear he was involved in Bitcoin's creation.

It seems Craig only started to edit his past when he decided he was Satoshi and you can see the two entries above - the original one, and the edited.

Fortunately for us, stuff in the web doesn't get perma-edited and we can see things before they were edited with software such as the Wayback Machine (something I use myself to decide which domain names are credible and what domain names were involved in shady dealings as I don't want to buy those for my websites and blogs).

The links below serve as a reference if you want to cross-examine the evidence yourself.

Lies, Deception, Deceit: Who Knows More Terms to Describe This?

There was also another cool instance where there were wallet IDs rolling around in the message boards, in Medium, in Craig's phone, and a lot more places and...

...the Internet did what we do best, connected the dots.

Long story short, Craig lied about owning MtGox's Bitcoin in the way it is described in the text above.

The Time @PeterRizun Denounced More Plagiarism:

I told you it wasn't a one-off thing, there have been countless discoveries of plagiarism in:

  • Papers;

  • Blog Posts;

  • Medium Posts;

...even TWEETS!

This time it was a paper, but I've seen him copy tweets and pass them off as if it was his own brilliant mind to come up with those...

...and what If I told you he even plagiarized code as he appears to be a bit clueless on how to code?

Vitalik has implied Wright doesn't know code several times already.

Who should we believe, Vitalik or Wright? Well, with the track record CSW has, it's hard not to go with Buterin.

When You Edit Logs But Forget the Small Details: Email Sent Before the Email Was Created

So, I know Craig is supposed to be Satoshi, but are you going to tell me he is also Marty McFly and can time travel?

Well, "doc", this one time he edited a log but forget that the edit would make the email be sent in 2008 from an account only registered in 2009.

So, the email account didn't even exist at the time the email was sent.

Sounds legit.

He Doesn't Even Try: Enter the Genesis Block and Bitcoin History

So, look at this post's date.

Now, look at what the post says.

That's right, the Genesis Block (a.k.a the first Bitcoin Block) was already mined when Wright was posting this.

This is because Wright either didn't get his history right when editing, or he is Marty McFly again and is messing up the timelines.

HG Wells would be proud to know there are time travelers among us already.

In Conclusion: If You're a BSV Fan Who Just Wants Bitcoin P2P Cash to Work, Join Us!

I am not like the BCH maximalists who say the other communities suck, I'm a guy who knows that there are a lot of great minds stuck in BSV and even BTC.

Those minds should definitely join us.

We have the best BCH and the best systems in place.

BSV manages to be better than BTC, I give them that, but even so it is centralized, it has higher transaction times, it has TREMENDOUSLY LESS wallet support, it is delisted from everywhere...

...and Craig is beyond dubious!

BCH is prepared to be money, it invested a lot into it and it is safe for merchants like no other.

There are lots of reasons why BCH is the best solution out there, and this post just cements the fact that BSV's community is being manipulated and fed false flags every day!

Drop those false flags sonny, join us!

Wright may have a time machine, but you don't, and when we take off... is too late!


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Written by   740
6 months ago
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$ 0.00
5 months ago

Well, I knew since a long time ago that Faketoshi was a fraud, and continues to be one until this day, if nothing more he could be a divide and conquer agent of the government for all I care. I repeat if Faketoshi was to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto he could sing a message using his signature from his block ever mined. And leave those signed messages in a public place for all of us to see and verify, he can't do that, he is a scammer and fraudster, and if you bought Bitcoin SV thinking is the real Bitcoin you are wrong because you are following someone how is scamming you.

Craig Wright Faketoshi Nakamoto a scammer and fraudster.

$ 0.05
6 months ago

Craig committed many blunders that showed he was not the founder of Bitcoin.Wikileaks revealed the real face of many people in the whole even in Pakistan.C-Wright Used plagiarism and other tricks like tweets also were great mistakes to get cheap fame.You are right BCH is better than BTC and BVS.

$ 0.05
6 months ago

Wow, too many forgery cases and plagiarism cases already. He should be sued and put in jail.

$ 0.01
6 months ago

Moreover, he plagiarised parts of his PhD thesis.

The author of this post performed an extensive research and the findings are undeniable:

$ 0.10
6 months ago

@crytomax I always looking forward to your Article always comes with insights and info. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world. Also want to use this opportunity to appreciate your tips yesterday

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6 months ago

A research that is sufficient to let readers know what is going on among the proponents of Bitcoin. It is a matter of confession that must be well explained. However, I was able to find out about the recognition for the name from Satoshi Nakamoto. However, is it true that this person has a definite claim. To date, no one knows who owns the most BTC with the best claim for Satoshi.

$ 0.10
6 months ago

This man is really trying to be the king of plagiarism, so many evidence pointing out his deeds. Why invest in a coin whose leader is a liar. Hopefully we BSV faithful will realise who he truly is and switch to using BCH

$ 0.05
6 months ago

plagiarism is a crime!

$ 0.01
6 months ago


$ 0.00
6 months ago

That is why when I won 1BSV , I converted it to BCH. 😅 Cause I believe on #BCH than other crypto. My husband have three cryptos I think he holds but he holds BCH more. And as for me, I only hold BCH. I tried to hold XRP and Doge but then, I saw lots of negative with this coin so I converted all to BCH. 😁 I know, I did the right thing.

$ 0.05
6 months ago

Craig committed many blunders that showed he was not the founder of Bitcoin.Wikileaks revealed the real face of many people in the whole even in Pakistan.C-Wright Used plagiarism and other tricks like tweets also were great mistakes to get cheap fame.

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5 months ago

Thankfuly my BSV I converted into bitcoin cash because that is the best crypto I knowned.

if you don't mind If you have time to read my article here is thelink thank you.

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6 months ago

That's a good keep it up 👍

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6 months ago

Very informative. There's none of your article that I am not hooked. 👏

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6 months ago

very very good information in this article.... . appreciate your work

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6 months ago

A research that is sufficient to let readers know what is going on among the proponents of Bitcoin. It is a matter of confession that must be well explained. However, I was able to find out about the recognition for the name from Satoshi Nakamoto. Your posts very informative 😍 God bless you dear

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6 months ago

I love your post ❤️ Your posts very informative Thanks for information God bless you 😇 Dear Keep it up 👍😊

$ 0.00
6 months ago

I think I need to know more about crypto and the people behind it.

$ 0.00
6 months ago

I learn new things about the crypto world every time I read your articles. I never heard of BSV before, but at least now I know to keep my distance from it.

And plagiarism... Yeah, I hate and I just wrote something about it.

$ 0.00
6 months ago

Satoshi Nakamoto is the name used by the presumed pseudonymous[1][2][3][4] person or persons who developed bitcoin, authored the bitcoin white paper, and created and deployed bitcoin's original reference implementation.[5] As part of the implementation, Nakamoto also devised the first blockchain database.[6] In the process, Nakamoto was the first to solve the double-spending problem for digital currency using a peer-to-peer network. Nakamoto was active in the development of bitcoin up until December 2010.[7] Many people have claimed, or have been claimed, to be Nakamoto.

Bitcoin industry 'sceptical' of Satoshi identity claim

Members of the Bitcoin community remain sceptical about Craig Wright's claim to be the mysterious creator of the digital currency.

At the Consensus 2016 conference in New York, attendees told the BBC they wanted to see more proof before they would be ready to believe the claims.

Mr Wright spoke to the BBC claiming he created the crypto-currency.

Gavin Andresen, chief scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation, has confirmed the claim.

Noisy method Mr Andresen said he travelled to London to meet Mr Wright who showed him proof that he and Satoshi Nakamoto - the pseudonym adopted by Bitcoin's creator - were one and the same.

"He signed in my presence using the private key from block one, the very first mined Bitcoin block, on a computer that I am convinced had not been tampered with," he said.

Each key is a unique digital code that is linked to specific bitcoins.

But even he added: "It is impossible to prove something like that 100%."

Scepticism about Mr Wright's claim has been fuelled by following the steps he put on his blog that, he said, show how to go about verifying cryptographic keys.

Some queried the complicated series of steps in this process and the information they called upon. Security expert Dan Kaminsky said the process was "maliciously resistant" to validation.

Mr Andresen said he could not explain why Mr Wright had chosen such a "funky" procedure as a proof.

Others at the Consensus conference were more openly sceptical. Vitalik Buterin, from the blockchain company Ethereum, said the very "noisy" way in which Mr Wright chose to make this announcement threw into question whether it was true.

"In general, signal theory says if you have a good way of proving something and a noisy way of proving something and you choose the noisy way chances are it's because you couldn't do the good way in the first place."

Eric Voorhees, founder of cryptocurrency trading app ShapeShift, also had his doubts.

"I generally trust Gavin [Anderseen]'s opinions so I want to believe this but I'm not convinced yet," he said.

$ 0.00
6 months ago

Crypto Max never disappoint 😍 another legit article 👌

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6 months ago