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Consistency and Greed: The Great Filter

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11 months ago

There are a lot of pitfalls on the road to success, and this is true for every type of success:

  • Whether you want to be an Investor;

  • Whether you want to promote a project;

  • Whether you want to be famous...

....and so on.

Having this in mind, I'd like to point out two things that are transversal in their threat to successful people - as this is something I've been seeing taking the life out of many people and investors alike.

As an example, BTC is now suffering from the collective madness of its representatives, who are actively selling out, throwing consistency out of the window, and suffering from Greed - the number one enemy of every investor and successful financial professional.

Throughout this post, I'm going grab someone who is becoming rich and successful as an example, going over how his mind expands, how his growth starts to become exponential and snowball him to new heights, and how the Great Filter finally claps him down.

Clearing Roadblocks: Thought Expansion

There's a unique "something" separating rich people from poor people, and that's the mindset.

You see, one of the first things you start noticing when success starts to gravitate towards you is that you experience some kind of mind expansion.

You suddenly start seeing what you thought impossible to become possible and even probable.

You start thinking less about hundreds and more about thousands, you start thinking less in thousands and more in millions and so forth.

What this does is that your mindset changes and you start seeing opportunities that were there all along but you never deemed them possible.

Your mind expands, your net worth with it, and so the next phase begins.

The Rush of Exponential Growth: The Run Begins

When the pieces fall into place and you become successful and whatever it is that you do, you start seeing the unlimited power of both compound interest and an ever-increasing network of contacts, each new one more successful than the last.

This makes it so that you get a huge rush.

You see everything you do work out better than before, you start seeing your income pile up, you start seeing your fame pile up, and so on...

The run begins!


The rush may cause you to develop a fatal illness for any investor, brand, celebrity, and so on... and that is an illness I call - The Great Filter.

Based on the scientific concept of the Great Filter, this one is responsible for the death of a lot of personalities, companies, brands, and fortunes.

The main symptom?

People get drunk with that growth, they get drunk on power, money, and success... they become vulnerable to the urge of growing even further...

...and so they get increasingly more affected by Greed.

...and so they sell out their consistency, their moral table of values, their ethics, and more.

This is when things take a turn to the worst.

The Great Filter: Consistency and Greed

People then run the mistake of selling out for any project that promises to give them their next big fix... their next short-term payment burst.

And so they start selling out over and over again, embracing shady practices and projects and getting their Pavlovian Fix of instant gratification.

This happened with several people.

I recently watched a video on Daymond John, the Shark on Shark Tank, as he was promoting an obvious Get-Rich-Quick Scheme.

Kyosaki also endorsed some pretty crazy products, which was a really disappointing move for me to watch since he was one of my, you can say, platonic mentors.

People often lose sight of the long-term strategy sense that lead them to be successful in the first place and get all tied up with this "Great Filter" which drags them down via periodical fixes of instant gratification.

You see, you need to be extraordinary to be successful...

...but you NEED to be truly unique to STAY Successful.

Having the willpower and discipline to evade the tantalizing Pavlovian short-term fixes is just one of the many things successful people need to have in order to stay successful and respected in the long term.

It's hard to live without money, it's harder to live without consistency and unbacked greed with no planning sense - which invariably leads you to lose all of the respect you garnered in the first place.

Greed: Selling Out

Greed has you sell out, and BTC is a prime example of how this happens.

You see, Greed was what took the BTC community to happily accept becoming part of the system, becoming increasingly centralized, becoming prey to censorship, becoming a partner of statism-backed institutions and companies... and so on.

Greed leads people, brands, celebrities, and investors to sell out and put their reputation on the line for instant results.

However... this is a Great Filter trap.

People who trade their credibility for short-term gains sign their reputation's death sentence.

BTC's Conference and the hillbilly hype together with its censorship shows you these people are in it for the wrong reasons and are invariably selling out - losing their reputation and giving BTC a bad name as well.

BTC has done a lot for crypto, but now it is becoming senile in its winter years.

For many, BTC is now the senile grandpa you get kind of embarrassed of in public but you still keep it around because it did a lot for you in the past.

For others, BTC is the crazy junky on the street harassing people and shouting "Fuck Elon Musk we ain't selling"... you have no sympathy for him and just want distance (this is my case right now).

Whatever the case is, this Great Filter affecting this ecosystem is doing a huge disservice to crypto.

No Consistency: Destroying Careers

Consistency is what tells people if you're someone who believes in what he stands for or if you're someone who is always ready to turncoat or to sell out for two copper coins.

Consistency is standing for your beliefs...

You need it!

Bitcoin is peer-to-peer electronic cash, and we at BCH are consistent. We defend BCH because it is Bitcoin and we stand by our beliefs, no matter if many point their finger at us and if we're a lower price token without the handle.

Bitcoin believers who sold out their consistency and stuck to BTC show everyone they don't stand by their beliefs... but there are tons of more examples on how lack of consistency kills reputations.

There are many crypto experts and "gurus" out there who created a brand based on their beliefs and seriousness... and then DESTROY it all to get short-term gains, supporting one of thousands upon thousands of crypto pyramid schemes.

In short, loss of consistency and unbacked greed destroy countless of people, brands, projects, and successful investors.

This is visible in BTC, and was festeringly apparent in BTC's Conference.

This "Great Filter" is why Successful people come and go.

It's hard to become successful...'s even HARDER to stay that way!


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Written by   780
11 months ago
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Hey @CryptoMax i Read your article but one line of your article is more powerful then the whole article and that was:

"Throughout this post, I'm going grab someone who is becoming rich and successful"

I think that was the most catchy and attractive line i read in this article and i also think that most people if they see that they are grow day by day then their greediness is more powerful on their mind and they are doing some bad things.

Some people do a little work but they success .. i think their luck is good but some do more work , more hard work but their success level is zero...i think bad luck.

Always hope for the good and hope for the best😍

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10 months ago

It is my first time hearing about The Great Filter. It is a great use of words from you. Greed is dangerous. It is true.

We can expect this BTC to continue declining in its supposed value, as long as more greedy people come together.

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10 months ago

Lovely article! I think having positive mindset is a big part of making progress.

$ 0.00
11 months ago

Found another interesting post in Will be reading all your article. It will be helpful to me in the future. Want to advice from you how to invest as a beginner.

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11 months ago

Great article

$ 0.00
11 months ago

Despite its flaws, Greed is the one persistent human drive that, in the vast majority of cases, yields better economic and social consequences.

$ 0.00
11 months ago

I don't have enough knowledge when it comes to crypto so when I see your username I go to your account and wanting to read more of your articles 😍 can you suggest an article of yours that good for the beginner like me ? Thank you !

$ 0.05
11 months ago

What a great work I love it

$ 0.00
11 months ago

Good content

$ 0.00
11 months ago

I really enjoyed every bit of the post, you really need to be truly unique in order to be successful in life. Likewise being consistent is being intentional. Thanks once again.

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11 months ago


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11 months ago


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11 months ago

interesting topic but seems something is missing to make insight memorable

$ 0.21
11 months ago

Thanks, man, I think the juice is there, I just couldn't get it out as clearly as some other times... You should read my Templars post if you didn't already. I loved writing that one.

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11 months ago

Perseverance and consistency need for success.It is greed that make you destroy.Always think like a broad minded and like a business.Long term investment without any greed.BTC community lost its fame,greed might be the one reason.But we should do all better with perseverance and good aptitude.Many Crypto that are among number one are topped due to better expansion and hardworking work people that participate in its working.

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11 months ago

I can say you are totally right and I myself have suffered from this, onetime I told someone that if he loses his keys he will deserve it, now I realized my error and I corrected by explaining to him what to do. I was annoyed I will admit that, but later realize my error not everyone has the privilege to be informed and those that know must try to help others, and I hope that in the future I don't do the same mistake.

It is a very wrong comparison to what you described in your article but I do think that Bitcoiners have drunk too much of their own kool-aid thinking that only price justifies everything and they don't realize that eventually, they will lose their userbase and their fiat value with it.

The announcement that El Salvador will make Bitcoin legal tender is bitter-sweet news for me because Bitcoiners have been using custodian services in El Salvador and the Bitcoin Cash community seems to not take importance in this.

Pretty much if El Salvador legalizes Bitcoin as is being sold right now in El Salvador they will be making custodian services legal tender.

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11 months ago

Bitcoincash is the original bitcoin as peer to peer electronic cash. like your article. Greed can destroy everything.

$ 0.00
11 months ago

My problem with BTC right now is the gas it takes to transfer from one wallet to the next. Just letting it HODL in my primary wallet.

$ 0.05
11 months ago

I agree with everything you mentioned as I read it with intent and carefulness. No doubt, when we have attained the height we never deemed possible before now, there is a way it gets into our heads and causes people to self destruct. As you have rightly said, greed. They forget the path they took that led them there and feel they are simply 'leveraging on' the new rise without knowing they are plotting their downfall.

True, greed led BTC to this point where it got opened up to centralization. We can see how that has panned out for weeks now. The senile old grandpa it is.

I totally enjoyed this as I believe we can also apply this to life's principles. We all have a lot to learn from this. Life/events always teach.

$ 0.05
11 months ago