Capitalism is Right: How State Destroys Equality

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2 years ago

When you learn the truth, you enter a different dimension and a different state of being... you can never go back, and you become cursed as one of the few who rather know the agonizing truth rather than the comforting lies.

This is true with most things, but it is even most noticeable when you're talking about the way our rotten system is built:

  • How States Work;

  • How Governments Promote Inequality;

  • How the Left Destroys Merit;

  • How the System's Narrative Restrict Freedom;

  • How Banks Restrict the Markets and Prevent True Capitalism from Being Done;

  • How Big Families Nepotize Their Way to the Top.


Capitalism is right, true capitalism based on value and merit would make our society a living dream... but there are a lot of painful truths the populace would have to deal with to implement it, namely the need for people to actually take some time to think.

Thinking is a lot of work, and most people aren't willing to do it... not only that, the more you awaken to the painful truths, the more you feel like you're living in a parallel dimension as you start being misunderstood by those who are in bliss living in ignorance within the current rotten system and narratives.

Today I'm going to focus on how the State destroys equality and how those who are screaming equality 24/7 are the ones responsible for it.

The State Granting Favors: Preventing True Value Capitalism

When I'm talking about the State granting favors, I'm talking about:

  • Bail-outs on companies that have no value and should go broke;

  • Laws and Regulations preventing competition to keep "the boys" monopolizing industries even though they do nothing of value to keep it.

  • Heavily taxing people opposed to the government or narratives and closing the eyes to family businesses (not your corner shop, but businesses of families in good terms with the states and central banks);

  • Doing audits and investigations in the accounting of "dissident" personalities or personalities opposed to mainstream system promoted narratives and doing none to those in favor;

  • Influencing the Mass Media and how they cover businesses, personalities and businessmen based on how friendly they are to the system or narratives

...among others.

These things, this... promiscuity between state and corporations are responsible for most of the inequality and the widespread corruption the system has.

...and do you know why these big businessmen can corrupt the government? Do you know how all of these favors can be bought? Do you know why the State stops capitalism from rewarding merit and true market regulation from happening?

Because it has the power to do so...

...because it has the power to grant favors.

The state and central banks corrupt and are rotten to the core because they are designed to allow such favors and corruption to happen.

But there's a solution!

How Communists, the Left, and the System Promote Corruption:

The communists, the left, the system, and its agents are constantly bombarding the people with the first part of the truth:

  • Governments grant favors;

  • Businessmen lobby and corrupt;

  • Corporations prevent competition through laws and promiscuity with the system;

  • Corporations get bailed out over and over again.

But they NEVER tell you the painful second part of the truth:

  • Governments grant favors because they have the power to do so;

  • Businessmen lobby and corrupt because they can and the system accommodates for it;

  • Corporations prevent competition through laws because the state thinks them up and approves them;

  • Corporations get bailed out because there is tax money there to do it and networking relations to approve the bailout to keep the system afloat.

...and so on!

Humans are corrupt by nature, we evolved as animals in a world of scarcity... the urge we get to eat more chips when we eat one is the same urge we get to stockpile all the resources we can get out hands-on.

The human that survived, in ancient times, was the human who stockpiled resources.

But, again, there is a SOLUTION!

The Solution: Programmable Systems, Programmable Money, LESS Power to the State!

I've said in the title that States destroy equality, and I've also said that the same people who scream "EQUALITY" 24/7 are those responsible for it.

Well, the left, the communists and the statists are always screaming equality to the masses, but what's their solution for it:

  • MORE power to the States;

  • MORE power for those who grant favors.

They shoot themselves in the foot, thinking the state, the banks and the system is going to be this gentle overlord who will look after everyone.

We saw time and again that this is just wishful thinking and is downright childish.

I have a friend who is always saying:

"A Kind Hearted Man is a Communist in his teens, A Kind Hearted Man is a Capitalist when he grows up!" - sounds better in my language, but it is definitely true.

Sure the communists do appear to make some good points if you're 13... but if you know how human nature works and how financial and economic systems are designed, as well as the politics that support the whole thing... you see that MORE STATE is the problem, not the solution.

By having LESS State, you take the power away from the system to grant such favors, to prevent capitalism from being fair and rewarding merit.

Because Capitalism is Right!

Because true capitalism, based on organic value creation, merit and with no bailouts is how we can move forward.

Fortunately for us, blockchains like BitcoinCash - with rulesets based on processes and facts rather than scarcity drives and emotion, enforced by technology and not by influentiable politicians and banksters - are the solution.

Not only are systems like the one we have at BCH important as financial system paradigm changers, but they also offer very concrete solutions as far as governance, of economies, markets, and even societies, are concerned.

If you want to give power to people of merit while getting rid of the Leeches...


Stop giving POWER to the State and its narratives!

Statism is a disease... decentralized algorithms are the cure.

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2 years ago


Extremely well written. It takes guts to write such truth. Sadly, the whole world is facing the problems you highlighted. Yes, and blockchain technology seems to be the solution but decentralized networks are the cure for sure. Morality levels needs to be revived somehow as soon as possible. Collectivism rather than individualism is the way forward.

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2 years ago

I strongly believe that if the government of the world would embrace crypto in its entirety especially BCH, there will be a balanced control and unbiased system of financial autonomy by the people and for the people.

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2 years ago

"If you want to give power to people of merit while getting rid of the Leeches..."

This corruption going on around the world is starting to get normalize, like it's no big deal and everyone is used to it. let it go just like that. If we could only do something about it without being harmed, but no.. Some choose silence over peace and accept the system. It is just so sad.. :(

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2 years ago

This article is indeed precisely written! In our country, a lot of opportunist are dominating the economy. Such things as corruption happens until now. And surely, it will continue. This article gives emphasis to current issue 💯💯💯

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2 years ago

Capitalism is the system that works, however governments manage to ruin it by growing big and offering very little. What you said is true. A big government means increasing nepotism and a large part of the national GDP allocated to costly and useless state-run enterprises.

Governments are tax collectors assuming these taxes will be used for the increase of infrastructure. Most of our tax money will go to leeches, state employees that do nothing at all and get paid hefty. Corruption is also increased. As a government grows the state turns into a communist regime and individual investment becomes impossible with the current levels of taxation. I'm shocked at how much, especially in Europe, we have allowed our governments to grow.

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2 years ago

You're a winner! I've been having the same thoughts but can't put them to an article. Another excellent piece! Here I give you 0.01 but this is worth something big with my current curation from dear bot.

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2 years ago

I should rather shout for equity rather than equality.

Here in the Philippines, businessmen suddenly turned into politicians so they can monopolize the economy according to their own will, then corrupt the nation's funds and invest it in their business. That's how disappointing the politics here.

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2 years ago

I learn your all articles your articles is very nice

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2 years ago

Capitalism is the system that works, however governments manage to ruin it by growing big and offering very little. What you said is true. A big government means increasing nepotism and a large part of the national GDP allocated to costly and useless state-run enterprises.

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2 years ago

Capitalism is right of course.But dear in many underdeveloped countries like in Pakistan state give favors to politics,banker,Businessman And even NAB who is responsible for preventing Corruption and audit and investigate things.So BCH could be right solution as a capitalism in such state.A better and good idea.Applause sir

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2 years ago