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Time To Talk About It: My R

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2 months ago

August 11, 2021

There’s so many reasons to stay and things that are worth fighting for. There are thousands of people out there that had been through a lot but still managed to survived and stay strong for those painful days in their lives.

Warning ⚠️

Contains Suffering Hearts: Suicide and Mental Health Support.

I noticed some Authors wrote something about their Music Review and share their thoughts and opinions about the specific videos or song they are reviewing. I wanna do the same thing for today’s BLOG as well because I figured that everyone needs to see this and hear this song.

There is this one, well, actually tons of music videos has caught my attention but this is something that made me wanna do a review about because I know that there are a lot of people that can actually relate to it.

I wanna give some advice, share something about how important Mental Health is. Sharing some positivity because I really wanna help those people suffering from Trauma, Anxiety and Depressions.

So anyway, without any further a do, let’s proceed to the music video.


My R (English Cover)


If you watched but still confused about this Music Video. It is a story of a girl that wanted to take her own life and jumped out of the building but whenever she go there, there is always someone that got there first before her.

Those people that she meets before she came was actually her younger self. She keep giving her own self so many reasons to stay alive and making herself turn away from jumping off, because she knew that no one will ever do that but only herself.

And yet there is no one who would do this for me, no way.

-My R

“My R” actually stands for “My Reflection” if you notice the last part she revealed that everyone she saw are just the same person and it’s just herself. Then finally, she has couldn’t find any reason anymore so she jump but luckily there is someone that got her.

Time To Talk About It

If you are suffering from Depressions, Anxiety, Trauma or anything that made you feel worthless and unhappy about your life. Please know that there is people out there who looks forward for you and supported you. If you can think of no one then count me in as one of your supporter that believes in you.

I’ve been suffering from Depressions that turns into Anxiety but I managed to be strong and fight because I know that life is worth living even though I’m already dead inside.

When I first listen to the song, it was actually a Japanese Version of it, the original one. I was like, “Okay, I wanna see the Music Video of it” because I like the song, it was jolly and I thought it was filled with Joy because it’s in Japanese and I can’t understand Japanese all I ever known is that the music is HAPPY.

Then when I watched the video. I finally understand what the song actually means to say. It made me shed a tear and cry especially the part where she panics and don’t know what to do to stop herself from jumping. It breaks my heart and it was just so sad and some part of it I can relate to. Then so, I listen to the English Version of it and I am so right about it even when the song is Japanese.


When people in Japan take off their shoes in a rooftop or something like roof or high ground, that is a sign of suicide.

Date: August 11, 2021
Author: Corpsekkuno
Title: Time To Talk About It
Article No.: 41

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“Suicide doesn’t stop the pain, it just passes it on to someone else”



I want to express my gratitude to my sponsors, readers, commenters, up-voters, fellow writers, and to all my online friends who never get tired of reading to my nonsense and keep supporting me. You are one of the reason why I keep sticking around to this platform and keep writing. Thank you 😘♥️


Author’s Note

There is no Author Note.

I’m in pain and sad right now. Thank you for reading my Article ♥️

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Written by   81
2 months ago
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I love this article. Everyone should be reminded of this.

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2 months ago

I listen to it, thanks sa interpretation. Pero sa totoo lang ang daming nakakaranas ng depression ngayon ee. Dumagdag pa yang pandemic. Some can't talk about it coz what if walang handang makinig sa kanila diba. Nakakalungkot lang yung ganon, and nakaka proud ka bata, coz nakaya mong labanan ang depression mo. Wag kanang babaliks a ganong state okay. Fightuuuu 🤗

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2 months ago

I like the song and thank you.❤️ I'm in a severe depression once but I fight and brave to overcome with it. Thank you for this article from yours it's really inspirational.❤️

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2 months ago