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MidNight Gems - Undiscovered, Underrated and Forgotten Songs vol.6 - "Songs with Zeal"

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1 year ago
Topics: Midnight, Gems, Music, Journey, Poetry, ...

What the fluff are midnight gems?

Somewhere lost in time, trying to escape out of the rabbit hole back into the rat race there is a vacuum..... that´s the place where midnight gems are found.

Midnight Gems will be a series that will try to uncover & recover those beautiful songs that nobody ever noticed, or might have been forgotten.

Wondering where I will go tonight, wondering which parties we will be visiting tonight as it´s time to learn to live again.

1. Zurich - Where You've Been (ft. Dolly Mavies)

This song kept surprising me, such a nice buildup and catchy guitar riff ending up ending up into that ecstatic sound that reminded me of this next, very underrated song.

2. Dredg - Bug Eyes

This truly was the sound that Friday-night, in the club I played, was about for me.
And when arriving home afterwards, just before the dawn and being slightly drunk, I would have loved to play this sweet escape.

3. Poets of the Fall - The Sweet Escape

But unfortunately this song was not created yet, even though it´s a timeless beauty.

The next song I stumbled up on during one of youtube rabbit hole trips and it had from the start thanks to that out of place trumpet.... It brought back a lot of Mazzy Star memories and some Lana Del Rey ones as well.

4. ESCONDIDO - Black Roses

As Black is #1 especially around midnight, I suggest to have one more song with a Black Roses theme.

5. Alana Grace - Black Roses Red

Yes I admit, I also ended up looking for this song because of the Sisterhood .....
But still I have no clue why Alana never got any bigger. I had a hard time to dig up most songs of her 1st album Break the Silence- or any other songs for that matter.

A girl that got much bigger since the first time I heard this song is Miss Aplin.....

But the first cut is the deepest. Therefore this song will probably always be my favorite. Even though it reminds me of those days my marriage was done ....but we, or at least I was still in denial.

6. Gabrielle Aplin - Lying to the mirror

Fortunately not all songs have to be dark and gloomy to be beautiful. Some of them sound so bright, that they make me wanna wear sunglasses at night.

7. Molly-Anne - Bright Eyes

And than there are those lights that will be shining bright forever and never go out, created by the Smiths and very beautiful covered by

8. Sara Lov - There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

Hmm this kinda ended up being a girls night inside...

And again the trip did not go as planned, but having Dredge, Gabriel and this next song in one set is giving you another sneak PEAK in my all time favorite jewelry box.

Call me your princess, as you do me a line
As you're searching for my savior
At the bottom of a packet of tobacco

9. Polly Scattergood - Bunny Club

Who the fluff am I?

Being a former DJ playing about everything and having a uncompleted study of radio journalism I have been wanting to do this for years....Thought about it many nights and guess now it´s time to finally take it to the streets.

So I hope these little gems sparkled as bright for you tonight as they did for me. If so please sub and follow me for vol 7. of Midnight Gems coming soon.

If you enjoyed this vol.6 please follow me as vol 7. of Midnight Gems coming Soon.

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Written by   89
1 year ago
Topics: Midnight, Gems, Music, Journey, Poetry, ...
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