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MidNight Gems - Undiscovered, Underrated & Forgotten Songs vol.4 " Synth Symphony"

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Written by   89
1 year ago
Topics: Music, Trip, Gems, Journey, Midnight, ...

What the fluff are midnight gems?

Somewhere lost in time, trying to escape out of the rabbit hole back into the rat race there is a vacuum..... that´s the place where midnight gems are found.

Midnight Gems will be a series that will try to uncover & recover those beautiful songs that nobody ever noticed, or might have been forgotten.

Tonight Midnight Melancholy is knocking,
Longing back to those 80´s when everything was still black and white.....and synths were king.
Are you ready to drift out of these times back to those simpler days

1. Kalax - Out of Time

Those floating sounds, like a digital sea breeze, are to be cherished.

2. CHROMATICS - Cherry

Soon I will need to snap out of this retro electro trip I am on, but let´s just use this midnight hour to recover a few more seemingly lost memories.

3. The Midnight - Memories

Now let´s move on to something a bit more New......
The godfathers of New Metal. How I loved playing these guys on a Saturday night. And seeing the dance floor get flooded when MR DJ Puts their record on (Chester I miss you)

4. Linkin Park - Castle of Glass (Ghoste in the Machine Remix)

These guys knew like no other how to incorporate electronics into rock music. And let´s see what happens when you add a little 80´s to that the mix....

5. BirthDay Massacare - Leaving Tonight

You will end-up having a musical massacre. Which I think This is an amazing sound, I really wish I could see them live someday...if they are still around.

Well as I am posting this on a Sunday, and these songs are meant for midnight....there is a chance that the next little pearl might give a glance into our near future. If not, it makes me happy even when it does not rain.

6. Shiny Toy Guns - Rainy Monday

I promise I am trying to get out of these synth loop symphony that I seem to be stuck in...

But till now it was like a yellow brick road (Weg in German) nightmare, a road to nowhere with no exits. Good thing you are with me and we are not alone (Allein in German)at midnight.

7. Illuminate - Zweiter Weg

I´ll stop making it more difficult, with every new song and feast on my cover fetish.

If you have an eclectic taste in music, like I do, there are so many great songs to share. I so hope you enjoy Tonight's Symphony.

8. E^st - 'Bittersweet Symphony'(The Verve)

That song brings back memories (and this time not about an ex-girlfriend).
This was the anthem for me and my mates at the Lowlands Festival in 1997.....we would walk through the crowed like Richard Ashcroft (the guy in the video) walks trough the streets of London. We called that style of walking Verving...

So let me leave you with one more anthem that captured my imagination, even before I saw the video.

9. Kent - Då Som Nu För Alltid

Are you still out there? Was it worth staying up for....?
I will leave the synths at home next week....but what I will bring to our midnight gathering I am not sure yet...

Who the fluff am I?

Being a former DJ playing about everything and having a uncompleted study of radio journalism I have been wanting to do this for years....Thought about it many nights and guess now it´s time to finally take it to the streets.

If you enjoyed this vol.4 please follow me for vol 5. of Midnight Gems coming soon.

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Written by   89
1 year ago
Topics: Music, Trip, Gems, Journey, Midnight, ...
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