Old fortress cities in today's Serbia - part 1

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Serbia is rich in many hidden treasures, as well as significant historical monuments and buildings. Our country has a great cultural and historical heritage, so it's not surprising at all that the remains of the ancient buildings have been preserved all over it.

We will start with the most famous - Kalemegdan fortress.


The Kalemegdan fortress is located in the heart of the capital and for years it has been an indispensable place for everyone who comes and lives in Belgrade. The history of this significant complex is long and turbulent. This impressive building was built on a ridge above the confluence of two large rivers: Dunav & Sava.

Kalemegdan fortress / Pobednik monument

First fortification was built during the reign of the great and powerful Rome, and it was been demolished and rebuilt several times over the centuries.

A few essential places and attractions that you really shouldn't miss on Kalemegdan:

  • Ružica Church: Inside this church there is a chandelier made of bullets. It is there to bear witness to the times of war.

  • Roman well: This well was a frequent inspiration for many film productions, and you can still hear various legends and tragic stories related to it.

  • The "Pobednik" monument: The symbol of Belgrade and Kalemegdan is the famous Pobednik which is translated as a WINNER. It is a work of the esteemed sculptor Ivan Meštrović.

  • Zoo: A big part of this beautiful fortress is home to animals from all continents.

On of the many interesting facts about the zoo and his residents ↓

Muja the alligator / before leg amputation

Muja is an alligator that is considered the oldest living member of its species in the world. It belongs to the species American alligator and is a resident of the Belgrade Zoo, where he arrived on September 12, 1937. Today, he is the only one left of the animals that survived the Second World War, during which the zoo was almost completely destroyed. Also in 2012, due to gangrene problems, Muja had his leg amputated by excellent surgeons and orthopedists from the Clinical center of Serbia.
Today, despite everything, Muja is in a great shape and one of the favorite and most loved animals there.

~ I'm a big fan of alligators, as you can see. And the crows too, but we'll do that another time. :D

Kalemegdan fotress / night view


Smederevo Fortress played a great and important role in the Serbian medieval despotism. At that time, the fortress was a military, cultural and church seat built by the famous despot Đurađ Brankovićfor the purpose of defense against the Turks. Today, this is one of the better-preserved fortresses that still resists the past. It is located in a significant position, at the confluence of the Jezava River and the Danube, and with its impressive size it occupies as much as 11 hectares of land. The fortress consists of the Big and Small Town, two equally important parts. Today, the architecture and precision with which this masterful building was built fascinates architects and tourists.

Smederevo fortress


Maglič Fortress, also known as Serbian Camelot - a similar, an ancient fortress in Serbia, really seems like it belongs to the world of fairy tales and fantasy. It is located on the green hills and glades of central Serbia, close to the town Kraljevo. Maglič was once the seat of Serbian Archbishop Danilo II, who managed church and state affairs directly from there. Maglič was declared a cultural monument of exceptional importance as early as 1979, and today all lists of historical landmarks in Serbia list it among the most popular.

Maglič fortress


City of Tsar Lazar - In medieval Serbia, Kruševac was a very important administrative and trade center, the very heart of the country. The famous Prince Lazar chose this city as the capital of his state, and it is from that era that the fortress of Lazarus grad originates. The remains of this medieval town are located in the center of Kruševac today and it is open for all visits throughout the year.

Lazar's town remains in Kruševac city

Until the next article and part 2, check out if you missed :




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OMG. What an amazing country! It seems like a fairy tail. Thanks for sharing. Hugs from Cuba.

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Thank you for reading, it'll be more of it in the next parts. Hugging back 💓🙌🏻💎

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