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When do you most often say this? When you think about what you would like to do in a future, what would be you passion profession or only when you choose the side dishes for a sandwich?
All three cases - I am in!

Even as a child I was always indecisive, for a while I fantasized about being a teacher, then a singer, then a guitarist, a karate or nina warrior ... as you can see - all kinds of things.

Of course most of the kids dream like that, I know I'm not unique; but many of them understand what they want to do as they grow up, but I never did.
So, now I'm 25 years old and my desires are even more chaotic and undefined... hihi what's the case with you?

dilemmas - dilemmas

The only thing I bypassed and dismissed as a possibility from the beginning was medicine. Not because I don't like people and helping them, on the contrary. I'm too sensitive and emotional, and I'm not strong enough to deal with it every day. I believe that people who practice medicine must be very calm, so much so that sometimes it seems that nothing touches them and that they are not interested in our problems. But they are, they surely are. They just must not allow themselves to become emotionally attached to any of us, so that they can do their job smoothly and the best they know and can. I would like to thank all the doctors and medics on behalf of all of us who are not that. <3

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Mostly of us, our dreams when we were a kid changed when we grow up

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