Done Something About BCH that Discourages Me to Blog But Totally Change My Life

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2 years ago


As a blogger, it is already my passion to write something interesting about my niche, but an interesting turn of events and some mistakes with my blogging journey involving Bitcoin Cash leads me into discouragement and losing interest in a particular topic.

I have been blogging in the news and current events niche for the past 10 years but blogging a different but interesting niche hooked me up and due to some faster monetary gains, I failed to update the news blog that affected me greatly in terms of monthly earnings.

Last January 19, 2021, I discovered a blogging site that rewarded me with Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency, and this is where I am writing right now, but I have done something, which I considered as a big mistake for a beginner like me to commit that ultimately leads me into discouragement and losing interest in my blogging career as a whole.

How I Discovered a Blogging Niche with Instant Rewards:

Being a blogger, it is already my daily routine to check for some interesting news bits online, and one of my sources is the world's largest video-sharing site YouTube.

As I watch various topics, I discovered an interesting video about making money online easily with a Twitter-like platform that rewarded its users with tips for interesting topics they shared. This particular site is the popular platform.

I immediately jumped on the bandwagon last January and joined Noise.Cash, after just a few minutes of logging into my account and how to set up my wallet through, a series of notifications was sent to my phone informing me of incoming transactions rewarding me with some Bitcoin Cash satoshis.

During my stay with Noise.Cash there were some messages regarding an online blogging platform that also rewards its users with some BCH and this platform went online first when compared to the Twitter-like platform but this site reward was way better compared to Noise.Cash.

My Blogging Journey with Read.Cash:

I started blogging with this blogging platform by sharing my experience as a blogger wherein I shared my story on how I was able to make at least $200.00 per month through blogging with zero capital.

My first blog with Read.Cash only generated at least $0.43 with just 39 views but it is indeed already undeniable proof that this platform really worked for me and probably will also work for newbie bloggers.

The second article surprised me with some decent earnings as it earned at least $6.30 with just 68 views. This time around I told the story about how I started blogging using one of the world's most popular blogging platforms, Blogspot.

I wrote at least five articles first on Read.Cash before I was able to introduce myself, which is self-explanatory, why we should introduce ourselves to our readers. Introducing Myself was also my best-viewed article with more than 120 views already and generated at least $4.30 so far.

Since joining this platform last January 19 and for being absent in the last few weeks, I was able to generate at least $159.82 worth of Bitcoin Cash. The most valued article, I've ever published on this platform was the article titled "Domain Registrars Accepting Bitcoin Cash to Build Our Website" which is worth around $12.07 in terms of BCH during the time it was published.

What I Have Done that Discourages Me to Blog?

The last article that I wrote on this platform was published more than three weeks ago and before the last article, I was absent for more than one month, the reasons behind this were the discouragement brought about by my blogging journey and the hectic schedules as a full-time government worker.

Listed below are some of the reasons that Affected Me Why I Was Discourage to Blog.

1. Time Management

I failed to adjust with my schedules and daily routine as a casual government employee wherein I was assigned as a field worker, unlike before that I was assigned in the Information Technology Department wherein I was able to write from time to time or during my vacant schedules.

Upon arriving from home due to daily visits to communities in far-flung areas, I felt tired and immediately fall asleep without any time opening my laptop or blogging something about BCH and any other topics.

2. Unreachable Signals

As a field worker in the government workforce there are areas in some of the far-flung islets wherein cellular phone signals are dead and the need for internet connection are indeed a burden for us, so I lost control with my time and used to having no internet signals at all during the weekdays of immersion to some villages.

3. Writer's Block

I believe that there will surely come a time, even for seasoned bloggers like that writer's block will invade my way of thinking. Every writer has talked about writer's block but most of them still managed to publish a novel.

Despite all the difficulties that occurred in my blogging journey, there are times that we can't think of what to write but based on experience, we will get there eventually if we only managed to start writing at hand. If it is really difficult try to write something straight for three minutes and ideas will surely come to mind.

4. Bloggers on Read.Cash Are Competent Enough:

This is one of the things that discourages me to write, I perceived that all the veteran bloggers here in this community are competent and consistent enough and it's hard to get their attention.

I also believe that every single blogger, whether here on other platforms took enough time to position themselves and get to where they are today. Every blogger we considered as veterans were once in the same position as us. Indeed success doesn't come overnight, if they can do it, so we can.


Blogging is Really Hard Therefore Don't Quit:

As a blogger it is indeed very hard to write, it is not fun and games at all, because it requires hard work, long hours of work, and most of all constant attention and intense dedication.

I believe as a blogger that I can do it, you can do it also, let us all not be discouraged when we face all the challenges in blogging.

Thanks a lot and more power.

Phil Newsome aka IslaBantayan

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2 years ago


As you said that you have been that for 10 years, I shouldn't be seeing you low right now. You can do it man, stay motivated. Keep on writing. Produce content and let public know how consistent and good you are. May you regain your confidence and contribute to platformm

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2 years ago

Than you @DM for the inspiring message. I am indeed down for the past weeks but hopefully I could make it and overcome the challenges I'm facing right now. I am lucky wnough to have a community like this who supported me.

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2 years ago

yessss rise and shine buddy.....hope you rock

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2 years ago