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Hello dear friends, how are you feeling today? In spite of everything, I am very well, my little pet Luffy is still recovering. I hope he will be better soon...

A few days ago I was telling you about the TV shows I used to watch when I was a child and teenager. When I have free time I still watch them. The past articles I told you about several series like Dragon Ball, Inuyasha, Sailor Moon and Saint Seiya, but not all the shows I watched are Japanese series, I also watched many American series, I will name them in this and the next article.

Wednesday, January 12th

Hey friend, before you continue reading... If you haven't read the first two TV articles of my time, I will leave them here...

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Okay, let's get started...

Power Rangers

I know we all remember even if it's just a small part of the song "Go Go Power Rangers."

"Go go Power Rangers

Go go Power Rangers

Go go Power Rangers

You mighty morphin' Power Rangers"

As I said before, I am going to talk about American series. I watched a lot of Power Rangers with my friends, I remember all the kids were fighting to be the red Power Ranger. At that time there were 2 female Power Rangers, the pink Power Ranger and the yellow Power Ranger, I preferred to be the yellow Power Ranger, I don't really like the pink color.

The Power Rangers are a group of friends who work together to fight evil, mostly they fight big monsters. Each character has a costume with similar designs but the colors of their costumes and weapons are unique. They transform using a technological device. Their transformation includes covering their faces with a helmet with a dark visor to hide their identity and keep them anonymous, because when they are not in battle they are civilian characters.

The red Ranger is the most powerful, so he is the leader of the other Rangers in the battles, but there is someone above the power of the red Ranger, who is the one who assigns them the missions to fight the enemies. I remember there's a transformation where all the Rangers are united, I really don't know if that giant robot had a name, but he was really powerful.

The Power Ranger's weapons consisted of a blaster, an axe that can turn into a cannon, a bow, a Dagger and knives.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I watched this series very little, but my brother loved it, so from time to time I would watch this series with him. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is about the lives of four teenage turtle brothers who are mutants and ninjas, just like the name says, but also love to eat pizza.

These four brothers live in the sewers of New York or in old subway stations along with their master Splinter, who is a mutant rat.

According to the story I remember, the master saves them and adopts them. The master is the one who chooses the names of these four brothers, their names come from important Italian artists that existed in the Renaissance era. The names of the ninja turtles are Leonardo (from Leonardo da Vinci), Raphael (Raphael Sanzio), Michelangelo (Michelangelo Buonarroti) and Donatello (Donato di Betto Bardi).

The weapons used by these mutants are based on Japanese martial arts: nunchakus, the "bo" staff, "sai" daggers and a katana. With these weapons they fought against evil, but hiding from humans, as I remember that their presence was not very well seen, but then they make friends with some humans who become their allies.

Teen Titans

From what I read about this American series, it had many changes in the characters that made up the teams. The first characters that made up the teams were the sidekicks of some members of the Justice League like Robin who is Batman's sidekick, Kid Flash sidekick of Flash, Aqualad sidekick of Aquaman. Then they included Wonder Girl who is Wonder Woman's younger sister, and Roy Harper who is Green Arrow's sidekick. In other words, Teen Titans consisted of Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Roy Harper. I never got to see this series like that, I always saw it with the current members.

Teen Titans is a group of friends, like the series I mentioned before, who have some sort of power or weapon they use to fight crime. Unlike the Ninja Turtles, Teen Titans has a giant tower that is their lair and unlike the Power Rangers, Teen Titans don't hide their identity. Everyone knows who they are and their names. This group of superheroes is made up of Robin (Batman's sidekick), who is the leader of this crime-fighting organization; Beast Boy who is a green character that has the ability to turn into any animal; Cyborg is a half-man, half-robot character who has superhuman strength and is an expert in hand-to-hand combat; the alien Starfire who possesses the ability to fly, shoots spheres of "starfire" and possesses superhuman strength; and Raven who is an expert manipulator of dark magic, can fly and manipulate energy, time and emotions.

I loved watching this series, I usually watched this series alone, I thought it was very good and entertaining, I remember watching it on Cartoon Network, I also really liked the theme song.

Now there is a new series called "Teen Titans Go", which I find really horrible, nothing to do with the one I used to watch when I was little. I guess it is because of the change of time, I have seen several chapters with Luis' nephews, and I find that the chapters are very silly or don't make sense.

Thank you very much my dear reader friend for reaching the end of my article, I hope you liked it, by the way, what do you think about these series? Did you watch any of the series I mention? I hope it made you remember your childhood a little bit.

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Ninja Turtles a classic and Power Rangers every day at 5 p.m.

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No puedo creer que lo recuerdes jajaja

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I enjoyed watching these series so much as a child except for Teen Titans, I didn't watch that a lot

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1 year ago

Thank you for your valuable comment. I hope it reminded you a bit of your childhood and that you liked the article.

Of all the series I wrote about, Teen Titans was the one I watched the most.

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