The silent noise

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Thu, August 19, 2021

2 of 100 poem for me Collection

Forgive me for I have been writing nonsense since I joined here. But i just felt the need to vomit this nonsense hahaha. Kidding! This was written on 2019, I think. I found it on my oldie-goldie notes which is not in so good condition. :)

I will be back on writing next week, I think. I'm almost done with my 20 articles per month! Yay! One goal unlocked. That's awesome.

Before the dawn reaches its zenith,

Coldest embrace, deep salty sorrow of despair,

Ain't enough to shut the eerie gloomy doors,

Slices of skin, echoes of superficial laughter.

Beneath the curve lies a whimper,

Smoke of terrible whispers,

Left untouched,


Spoken yet benign,

The intensity supposedly crack the wall,

People are crawling, yelling endlessly,

The truth that the "noise of tears" cannot be heard.

All rights reserved. @AmazingWorld

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That was so good, I thought I was reading a poem from a world renowned author. Just amazing

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2 years ago

HaHaha no don't flatter me. I'm still learning and it will take me forever to be able to write good ones. But thank youuu @Theblackdoll! Thank you for stopping by🤗

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