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Sun, August 22, 2021

4 of 100 Poems for me(The Bleed of Words Collection)

This is a good morning to you my readcashers! I see I have been loving writing unfinished poems hahaha. Bear with me. I wrote this just now and my mind is not functioning properly because I, have not eaten any breakfast yet. Send food please? Kidding! Hahaha.

Sunday is, today. Today's sunday. I am listening to the mass via radio broadcast. Good day! and happy sunday!

Don't Read!!! Unedited  and unfinished ❤

It'd take me forever,

To count for the exact number,

How long have I been staring?

At these empty heights of words, quite unending.

As if hypocrite to notice,

How I fall deeply unto this abyss,

Now crawl my little darling,

No way out, you're doomed, perfectly planned by the artist.

Similes of hope,

Stretching metaphors to falling at the trapdoor of nothingness,

They say hyperbole to exaggerate,

Haven't they known their life is ironic?

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