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For users of individual wallets in the crypto world, the word "synchronization" may be familiar. Where this applies to synchronizing the existence of one's wallet balance for transactions that have occurred, not only reporting about the synchronization of values ​​with the prevailing market price but also about the existence of the entry and exit of the existing amount in the wallet balance. And did you know which crypto coin emits the word the most based on the volume of transactions that occur every day? Maybe the answer will vary, but does it prove and worth using as a means of payment?

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If we are traced, of course, do a lot of answers that will say this coin or that coin, and if we just want to make our own transactions from 1 individual wallet to another individual wallet. But just imagine if someone really wants to do that, it's just that the transactions are always running every day where the goal is to turn on the network so that it looks a lot or looks busy. If you think that someone will do that, the goal is that the network used is running so that it doesn't look like it's about to die. Or just because of transactions that occur in market conditions that apply to an exchange.

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But we don't speak like that, we speak the truth. Where this transaction takes place because of the existence of the coin which is actually used as a pure transaction or the existence of the purpose that crypto was created for the world community. Not only for mere investment but also as a valid payment should be used as a means of payment.

BitcoinCash is probably one of the coins that will most often be seen in its network of transactions compared to other coins. Where this is purely a because as a means of payment, as well as use in a community that is so solid and supports each other by providing tips or donations on the bitcoin cash platform that has been widely used.

Source: Sunny Twitter - Roger Ver Twitter - Ryan Giffin Twitter

The image above is only part of the representation of the many merchants who accept the existence of bitcoin cash as a means of payment. If we look at, it can be said that there are more than 50 million merchants who accept bitcoin cash as a means of payment and spread all over the world from the Americas, Asia, and Europe, to the African continent.

The main factor in all of this is not only the strong bitcoin cash community but also the convenience, speed, and low cost of transactions using bitcoin cash as a means of payment by crypto users. On the other hand, one thing that is most interesting and different from other cryptocurrencies is the number of merchants or grocery stores to gas stations that accept bitcoin cash payments compared to existing coins/tokens that have been present in the crypto world.

So if we realize/don't realize it and then use a crypto wallet and choose bitcoin cash as our coin of choice, surely you will see the word "Synchronizing" on your bitcoin cash wallet more often than other coins you choose / use.

Bitcoin Cash Register (BCH) - Apps on Google Play

And for addition, if you want to use bitcoin cash as a means of payment in all your business, you can use one of the interesting applications from where this application is very safe, easy, and very simple so it will be easy to use.



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Can't wait for the day when BCH will be accepted fully as a means of payment in my country. If I have the opportunity and willpower, I will be happy to begin the adoption in my own little community.

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1 year ago

I don't have many ideas about BCH or any cryptocurrency topics but,I would love to learn from it for the better someday,

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1 year ago

Though this is available in a few countries but still there is no merchant in our country. If that crypto gone legal in our country then I would love to use BCH as payment anywhere.

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1 year ago