Out of Red means Green

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I was asked by several close people who knew about my existence playing in the cryptocurrency world. They usually ask what is the best thing to buy, or invest in?

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The answer I gave them the first time would always be that I'm not God, so if I'm wrong please forgive me. Because if what I'm about to say is true or true, I'm probably a long-time rich man for all my views on the best crypto I've chosen.  

Then next I will explain the actual crypto conditions in my view, not on the basis of the basic principles of my choice of why to play crypto. My exposure to crypto for those who ask about which one is the best is to choose which one has a clear concept and solid foundation in all aspects. Such as the fundamental strength, the past, the community, as well as the financial strength, or investors.  

Of course, this will move to a clear choice of occupying the existing market chart, and the top 100 positions are certainly the best and provide a sense of security. However, the problem is that choosing coins or tokens that already have a good price is certainly not an easy thing to look for, meaning that it must be based on the desire to get big profits in an instant or instantly. I'd say it's impossible, especially with such small capital.  

Then move on to the next point to see opportunities from new projects that will soar later. This is one of the things that most people who have been playing crypto take for a long time. With the slogan "buy at a price while it's cheap" with the hope that big profits will result in big profits later when the price of a project soars. From this point, there are many examples, but again it takes a lot of time.  

After explaining the three points, the question arises, which one will be profitable? I'd say of course everything has a chance as well as a reverse, but to be sure I can never say for sure. For me, I can only describe each one that is good and then the choice goes back to them which one is better to choose.

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If everything is explained, and I assume it represents the answer they want. In the end, I will give an input that is the basis of life in the world in fact. Everything in the world requires patience, and everything in the world requires learning and vigilance. Another thing that we usually encounter is that everything that happens in this world has a partner, if it goes up it means it will go down, if it's green it will be red if it's above it could be down and vice versa so on will happen.

Nothing is eternal. What is actually lost is greater than what is eternal. Speaking of analysis, as well as all predictions, it is a source of knowledge before making a decision. The essence of everything that exists is clear and real, nothing is instant, chancy, let alone last long. In the world of crypto which is as important as the world that is lived to the full, being smart is a virtue.


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The market is ever fluctuating, we indeed don't know when will we gain or if we when will we lose. We don't even know if it will end or it will continue until the end of time.What's best to do is not to really on asking people, it's best to learn on our own and explore the world of cryptocurrency.

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2 years ago

no one can predict what exactly will happen next moment, it's your strategies and luck factor that can make a profit in trading!

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2 years ago

Very good article.nice to read it.

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2 years ago

When you tell people what trade to make and it doesn't go well, people tend to blame you thinking you're God. That's why most people do not bother helping...

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2 years ago