New habits by crypto

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Do you know what new habits crypto has brought to society today?

Actually, this is not something new for early crypto players, but it can also be said as a new habit for today's crypto users. However, because only the word "habit" is representative, I use the word habit as the right word for the new things that crypto has brought and become a habit that some people may be aware of and most people are not aware of.

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Previously I would like to return to the issue of how the financial system before crypto came along with the existing technology. Such as networks, banking, computers, and the existence of mobile phones. In the era of the financial system, which is still controlled by the banking system, every individual who has an account may only have a few who have or use a mobile banking system. Half of the bank users may not use this facility. The reasons are security, technology illiteracy, cost cuts, and many more.

"This means that the convenience offered by banks is still difficult to penetrate for an era that is already common with the word mobile use in general society."

However, it is different from crypto, which in general is based on digitalism and the need for adequate networks and devices. Crypto easily penetrates the boundaries that are very difficult for the banking world to penetrate.

Crypto easily brings its users to familiarize themselves with the use of mobile in every transaction. And finally unwittingly become a commonplace and very common habit at this time. The perpetrators and users use everything from the existence of crypto as a matter of course and become a habit. Making all payments, sending money, or just checking the wallet is a daily thing that can be found every day at this time.

Banks certainly see that. Taking the easy side that crypto has presented as an answer to their previous very difficult problem. But one thing that will be difficult for banks to do is the problem of the existence of profits, and costs. Where crypto does not have these two things, it becomes a big problem factor for its users.

Banking does offer security and is reliable in the context of true protection. But is it true that it has protected the security of its users? It turns out that there are many cases that arise from this problem, where user data is traded and traded by banking elements.

How about crypto in terms of security? It can be said to be better than banking in the context of user privacy.

In addition, this may be an unusual thing and cannot be found in the era of the banking world before the advent of crypto. Where the users who usually exchange currency are still relatively few as well as stock players who can only be seen and found in some people or groups.

Crypto penetrates that barrier so easily regardless of the boundaries of the word circle. Anyone can do this to make it real and to be able to hear the word world of exchange in the context of currency.


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Crypto has been the answer to the prayers of many, at least those who were able to utilize its potential.

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1 year ago

Crypto give back ownership to the people. Banks will not approve it until people understand Banks abuse theirs money to get richer

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1 year ago

Crypto is far better than the Banking system that doesn't secure the users personal and accounts information while the crypto is secure and decentralized system that is free from third party interference

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1 year ago