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Independent Finance - Mind and Heart - BCH

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2 months ago

One of the virtues of Crypto is to provide financial system education to the global community to be able to regulate, supervise, and protect the financial system independently so that they can feel the form of a healthy financial system, where a financial system can grow sustainably and stably so that a financial system can be realized. orderly, fair, transparent, and accountable.

With the presence of awareness to address finance independently from various platforms, social media, and applications on mobile phones, integrated service and facilities are needed. At this time BitcoinCash as one of the cryptos that remains consistent with the existing financial system problems simultaneously tries to accommodate the problems of services and facilities needed. Where everything can be integrated and connected to one and the other to facilitate the global public financial system that can be regulated, supervised, and independently but still protected by the related institutions.

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In addition, BitcoinCash also has many types of information and educational portals that aim to increase public understanding of the financial system and the products and services offered.

Decentralization is the thing that is most echoed in the existence of crypto created, thereby creating demands for freedom of financial system problems that are better and transparent but still prioritize security issues. With the literalization of the regulatory language and independent supervision with the need for a form of decentralization, protection is not only carried out independently but can also be carried out centrally with the truth of the relationship between the power of freedom and the absence of a monopoly that can be happening by an agency. or an agency that is trusted to be truly accommodating.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

It's not easy, especially in the midst of growing competition in today's era. Not to mention the most sought-after initial goal of fixing economic problems like the world economy. But at least everything has been running according to its objectives and continues to be developed to the point where tangible evidence of a healthy financial economic system in the world community is achieved.

Quoting the words of a wise person about the word love where understanding the presence of love is not to be sought, but if you try to reach it then love will come by itself. From this wise sentence, we can take the meaning of the separation of matters of mind and heart. Where the mind can only deliver because only the heart will be able to accept all that is in this universe.

Why so far to take the expression of the word love which is ultimately focused on the existence of the mind, heart, and finance?

The reality is that the meaning of the financial condition is not far from being created. Where money is created as a medium of exchange that is recognized by the public until now and does not have the luster like pearls or gold gems. But it can be agreed to be one that was created to be a valuable part even though it is only a sheet of paper and the formation of coins that are processed from copper. And in this technological era, the form of money is increasingly evolving with innovations that are based on the progress of the times. Digital money is created and further clarifies the goals and conveniences that exist, and cryptocurrencies represent the progress of the times with the presence of existing technology. Provide solutions with the initial goal of creating currency.

The human mind seeks solutions and goals for the prevailing conditions to be accepted and used by the world community with the ease that is expected to build the world economy. However, even though the mind is able to seek to create in the end to achieve the word prosperity, it is still only capable of being done by the presence of the heart. With a heart that can finally quell all human greed and arrogance. #BCHONBOARDING

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Written by   820
2 months ago
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I did not know all of these until now. Thanks for feeding us with all of these necessary information. I appreciate it.

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