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1 year ago
Date: June 19, 2022
Writer: AlphaCron

A blessed Sunday everyone!

I was blessed today considering that I was able to go to church and feel the warm presence of God. I felt relieved and ecstatic for I was able to take hold of myself and resist the temptation. Likewise, I must admit that whenever I go to church, I feel at peace and that the atmosphere of positivism embraces me. Hopefully I could go to church every Sunday and end the weekend meaningfully.

Anyway, how's life going on your life right now folks? In case no told you today, know that what you're going through today cannot be compared to the joy that you will be experiencing maybe not now, but in God's perfect time. You may be confronted with adversities today, but rest assured that God will replace that adversities into opportunities for you to become a person who is strong and indestructible.

Might consider reading my previous blog? If yes, then here's the link.

Blog Title: Undergraduate "Ganaps"

My blog content for today is rooted from the webinar on psycho-spirituality that I had attended recently. As a matter of fact, I did publish a blog about it here. Well, if you want to read that blog, I'll just drop the link at the end of this blog.

So, in the webinar, we were asked to answer some reflective questions. Having said that, let's cut to the chase!

Question 1

What particular event or activity in the last four or five years in the University that created so much meaning?

Being a student in a state university, the events or activities that created so much meaning to me is when I join the Chorale. Yes, you read it right! I'm a choir member in our university. I must say that singing is one of my talents. When I was in kindergarten and elementary, I used to be the representative of our school when there's an interschool singing competition. I was privilege enough to carry the school through my talent during those years. However, when I reached high school and hit the puberty stage, I felt discouraged because of how my voice changed differently. Because of that, I set aside singing and venture another craft which is being a theater artist. I'm glad because I was able to unleash my acting skills and prove that I can be a versatile person. When I reached senior high school, my talent in singing has awakened. With the new quality of voice, I got the opportunity to become one of the choir members in our school. Since it's a Catholic school, we used our voice to praise the Lord every time there's a mass.

On the contrary, during my 1st year as a college, I wasn't able to audition to be a choir member in the university because I was an ROTC cadet that time. Be that as it may, in my second year in the university that's when I really grabbed the chance to audition and was successfully be part of the university's chorale.

For me, one of the best things we did was when we got to serenade the cancer patients in the hospital. Seeing their genuine smiles melt our hearts. It's truly a great experience that I will forever cherish.

Question 2

What particular class or subject that taught me most valuable and meaningful lessons?

I think it would have to be the teaching internship. Not only it taught me valuable and meaningful lessons, but also it made me realize that the profession that I am pursuing is undeniably challenging and exhausting. Certainly, teaching without passion is useless. On one hand, I came to a realization that teaching is not as easy as anyone seems. To be an educator, you must possess immense understanding and patience because every day you will be confronted with challenges.

Question 3

Who were the persons who contributed to your growth

I believe growth starts when you show eagerness to learn every day. As they say, "every day is a learning experience." That said, I always tell myself to not waste any opportunity. I must continue to learn and impart that learnings to others.

Speaking of my growth, the persons who helped me grow and become the person that I am right now are my professors. They helped me in pushing myself beyond limits. They helped me to become independent; independent in managing my own learning.

And there you have it folks! As much as I wanted to answer all the questions, but for me, these are the questions that struck me the most.

By the way thanks for dropping by! Keep an eye out for my next blog!

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1 year ago


We do learn from everyone whether bad or good, what we want to emulate or not. I miss singing with the choir :)

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1 year ago

Every day talaga is a new day to learn. Hindi man natin namamalayan pero for sure, araw araw may nalalaman tayo. hehe.

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1 year ago

Ganda pala ng boses mo, pa sample nga heheh!

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1 year ago

Isa sa pinakagusto kong talent ko ay singing at dancing pero wala talaga eh. Haha inggit nalang ako lagi.

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1 year ago