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1 year ago
Date: June 12, 2022
Writer: AlphaCron

A cozy evening my dear Read.Cash Fam!

Your Alpha on Read.Cash is back again with another personal blog! Anyway, before I go straight to the main content of this blog, I would like first to take this opportunity to thank my Father on this platform no other than Rusty for the unexpected tip I received in my previous blog entitled, "Adios, College Life." I never would've anticipated that I would receive such a huge tip. I can't contain the euphoria I feel upon checking my blog. It was right before my eyes the Honestly, I was really taken aback.

In my 8 months of being here on Read.Cash, finally Rusty managed to give me this huge amount of tip. I guess he knows that I needed money for my graduation fees. With the tip I received, I would really use this to help in my graduation expenses. By the way, my sincere thanks as well to Ate (sister) @Ruffa for the tip as well. I didn't see it coming Ate.

Well, If you want to read my previous blog, then I'll leave a link for you.


For today's blog, allow me to share my experiences when I attended a webinar last June 9, 2022. And so, let's get started!

On a gloomy yet warm afternoon of June 9, I happened to attend a webinar on Psycho-Spirituality spearheaded by our school. The webinar was exclusive only for graduating students. The event revolves around looking back all the memories we had in the school, our college life, and the like. So, we were given time to reflect on our life before and now that sort of activity.

At the back of my mind, I thought that the event would be more meaningful and memorable if it happened face-to-face. However, I must say that this was the only webinar that I have attended where I feel like I'm connected with the other participants. You want to know why? Well, we just happened to have a break-out session after the reflection part where the participants were divided into 4 separate virtual rooms for the session. In that break-out session, we were able to share our thoughts regarding on these two questions:

1. What are your aspirations for yourself and your family?

2. What role would you like to play in the future?

As we shared our insights regarding the questions given, I came to a realization that, we are not different from each other in terms of the experiences, struggles, and frustrations that we encountered along our journey as college students. Undeniably, we happened to encounter all of these circumstances. And now that we are closing our chapter as college students, we all share the same victory!

The session was great to the point that I didn't feel any pressure sharing some personal things to them. All I felt was acceptance and empathy. I didn't know that this webinar would enable me to become confident even just for a few minutes. I never expected myself volunteering to talk first because no one dared to volunteer. I would have to say that at that moment, I felt like I was out of my comfort zone.

Anyway, It was so nice meeting the participants (schoolmates). Over all, the webinar was remarkable even though the event happened virtually.

I think I'll end my blog here. Thanks folks for the time you spared. Hope you had a phenomenal day today. By the way, see you on my next blog.

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Hehehe I think new things always occur when we decide to leave our comfort zone, I think I have also looked at your previous post about your graduation, congrats to you once again.

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