I'm just worried that's all!

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2 years ago
Date: October 28, 2021
Writer: AlphaCron

To be honest, Im not in the mood to write today. Thus, I dont have any interesting topics to write about in my mind. However, this does not mean that I am being unproductive.

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Actually, what I did today was read both the old and new articles that you fellows have published here. I'm indeed a sluggish reader. As I already said before, I am not accustomed to reading. So, if i havent been able to read your blog entries yet, please bear with me. Dont worry because I already saved your articles in my "saved articles." menu. Good thing I discover it recently.

Despite the fact that I don't want to write a blog articletoday, I can't stop myself because my mind is restless.In fact, my mind keeps pushing me to write right now andnot waste time scrolling through your phone watching other people's mydays on Facebook.

Anyway, for today, I'm going to use this blog entry as my personal journal.

One of the things that worries me as a graduating student is our technological research project. It's similar to a thesis, but on a more technical level. Our school obliged us to design and develop a technology despite the status quo our world is constantly experiencing. In order for our invention to be put into realization, we will need to invest a significant sum of money. Even though the first semester will end in December, we haven't yet to develop the technology.

In addition, our project's design must be computer-aided design (CAD). I have sent the design to my friend's pal in a long time. Actually, her friend is a CAD expert. However, what concerns me is the fact that he has not yet to finalize the CAD design of our project. We have barely two months to develop our technology and other things related to our thesis.

I cant help but feel anxious provided that thesis is not the only subject we have for this semester. We also have Field Study 1 and 2 where we are required to observe classes while also participating in teaching assistantship. For sure, we will be bombarded with a lot of tasks during finals week.

Closing Thought 💛

Sometimes, I feel like giving up. I'm starting to lose the passion I once had. Is it because of this online education setup? Or is it just me who changed? As a future educator, I am terrified. What if I couldn't give my learners the best learning experience possible? What a shame for me if that happens. Although im feeding myself with negativity, I always find a way to get my senses back. I don't want to torment myself.

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You who's reading this blog entry of mine, thank you. 💕 I appreciate you dear. 😊 Hope you're happy, safe, and healthy! 💙💙


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2 years ago


It better done than never, some times we do experience writer block, you'll sit down for hours without any inspiration, but its pretty cool that you're able to come out with something today.

Final year students are always faced with different kinds of tasks, not always though, but its Something you have to do.. weldone

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2 years ago

Gladly I was able to come out with this blog entry. Anyway, as for my worries, I think what I feel is valid. However, I should not let myself be worried for a long time.

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2 years ago

Ahhh relate much! I can feel this, I am also a college student amd sometimes i also wanted to give up, so tired like I can't do this anymore. But still we need to fight. Also don't give up okay, I hope you can cope up the the projects you are not able to finish

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2 years ago

This is just a challenge. Kaya ko to!

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2 years ago