You won't know the real pain not unless you experienced it

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I am consistently receiving messages from a childhood friend . Most of which are greetings, chain letters, and quotes .

Just recently, she confessed to me that she was experiencing a painful situation physically. According to her it's been four months now that she can't walk . She got a problem with the bones on her hips. I just don't know it was related to her diabetes. She can sit with some helps from her husband or grandchildren but walking is a hard thing for her to do.

As a friend I feel it necessary to encourage her to hope in God and trust God for her healing. For I believe what is impossible with men is possible with God. I told her she and family will be in my prayers, which I did as I promised.

Lately, last Friday night , I started to feel slight pains in my shoulders joints and muscles. And I thought of giving myself some rest from works that I used to do in the households.

Come Saturday night , the slightly pain in my shoulders run down to my back, hips and feet and hands. It was 8 pm already , that I decided to take a pain reliever. Because I have nothing on hand I went to my sister's house to ask for some. I knocked on her window's room but there was no answer.

As I went back to the house , I saw the owner of the store is still awake having a conversation with one of our neighbor. I grab the opportunity to ask her if she has a pain reliever medicine . As she took the medicine I went inside the house to get money.

Our back gate was already locked , and it's key was in my sister hand. On the other hand the gate of the store was already locked too . And so our neighbor who is on the outside became our meddle person between us two to have the medicine .

I took the medicine that night, praying to God that it would help me ease the pain I am suffering.

It's Sunday morning, supposed to be I would attend the Worship Service. Since I am not feeling well yesterday, Saturday, I told my brethren in the faith who usually fetch me, that I could not be able to come.

That Sunday morning, muscles pain was gone , but the joints pain in my feet, knees , hands and hips stayed. It was still painful and I have to walk slowly . At such time of experiencing it , I remember my childhood friend who is suffering from bone problem in her hips that cause her to unable to walk. Now I know how it feels, and how my mobility is affected much.

I asked my son to buy me Alaxan , to relieve me of my joints pain. I took one pill that morning. And inhale steam with vinegar to relieve my head ache.

It's Monday morning, I don't have headache anymore. But I think I still need to take Alaxan, because of the persistent joint pains that I have.

I am not just sure what triggers my joint pains. I think I need to be extra careful in what I eat . And not to get myself over fatigue.

Now that I am a senior, health must be my first priority to enjoy my remaining days with family. May God grant me His loving kindness and graciousness to still keep me healthy and strong.

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Title:You Won't Know The Real Pain 
Not Unless You Experienced It
Published: 0ct. 17, 2022 - 
Monday - 7:33 am

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May God grant me His loving kindness and graciousness to still keep me healthy and strong.

Amen to this po.

Indeed, taking care of oneself has to start now.

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1 year ago

Yes, God give us this body to be taken cared of and not misuse or abuse. Through this body we could serve God by being a blessing to others in many ways.

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1 year ago

You should take care of yourself dear, because you are in such a age where you need extra love and care, better to take healthy diet and good rest

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1 year ago

Well, I'm still not there yet but already have heart problems... I'm keeping it easy and watching my diet is really important.

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1 year ago

It's really very important to watch our diet at present. Usually accumulated toxins effects in our body shows in the latter days in our life. Keep on watch on your diet fir your health sake.

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1 year ago