Do You Have The Ability to Remember ?

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The Role of Heart & Brain

Someone has said, " Mind forgets but not the heart."

Is not heart and mind connected? Is it the heart that dictates the mind, or the mind dictates thc heart? These are questions I find answers confusing?

Can we say that intellectual people are those that decides on the basis of their thinking and what they actually see? While emotional people decides on the basis of feelings and not thinking? And which is safer or satisfying deciding intellectually or emotionally?

Mind and heart are the most important part of the body. Both works to make all the systems works in the body isn't it?The heart supplies the blood to all parts of the body in order to function well. When circulation stops or the heartbeat stops the body is declared to be dead.

As long as the heart then still beats thus making the blood circulates in the body system, the body continues to be alive.

In the case of a person in coma , the person is declared to be brain dead for some reasons of accident or sickness. In such condition, the functioning of other body system are being affected. The body has life in it because the hear beats but is incapable of doing anything . But there is the possibility for brain to still becomes alive and function again as long as the heart beats. Doctors really don't know how or when it will happen. They would say it is only when God's will of a miracle could happen. There are those who survived and awaked and there are those who eventually died.

I think , we could say, mind will forget, but not the heart. As long as the heart feels it , it could turn the forgetting mind to remember again if not fully, yet it can.

Accdg. to what I search in Google the heart is the first organ to form while the brain and the spinal cord continue to form and develop throughout pregnancy.

I can say then, life begins when the heart beats and life ends when heart stops beating.

Physically speaking when heart beat stops, the body becomes dead but his soul remains alive forevermore. And this soul remembers.

Until When Can We Be Able To Remember

In the Bible, Jesus Christ Himself mentioned about the story of the rich man and Lazarus who both died , and their soul was in the place where they are destined. (Luke 16:19-31)In the story the rich man remembers his five brethren down on earth . He was concern for their souls. He never wants his five brethren to be in the place where he is, the place of torment.

From this story , we can therefore say that we can still remember hereafter.

The people to whom we are related with on earth remains in our remembrance even after we died. And even if a person whom we know not that existed before us like Abraham , we will able to know when we see them in heaven. God will enable us to know each of them whom we only read from the Bible.

The Most Important One To Remember On Earth

Our Creator - God

While we are still here on earth , and have our being the Bible admonished every human being to remember God our Creator.

Ecclesiastes 12:1

Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say I have no pleasure in them.

Ecclesiastes 12:1

The Most Important Time To Remember God

During Youth Days

Youth days are most days that are characterized with good health , strenght and energies, physically and mentally.

Having such kinds of condition physically and mentally will eventually leads to activeness, creativeness, intelligence , endurance, full of visions, hopes and dreams, inspired , motivated , full of courage and determination.

What It Means To Remember God

It means to know God personally, accdg. to how He reveals Himself from the word of God. That God is the True and Living God that we need to trust, believe and have faith by accepting Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Lord of our Lives.

It means serving God through the talents we received from Him.

It means serving God through the blessings that we receive from Him

It means serving God by living a life pleasing in His sight.

It means loving Him with all our hearts, mind, soul and strenght.

It means forgiving others for their sins in us like God is forgiving our sins to Him

It means sharing our blessings to others willingly not expecting favors or somethings in return.

It means sharing the gospel of salvation to everyone, in full conviction that God loves sinners and saves sinners that's why He came and suffered and died .

The Possibility to Remember

God endows every human being the ability to remember, so as nobody will have an excuse.

God is giving everyone a lifetime opportunity to Remember Him, being the Creator.

God is loving and willing to accept anyone who will come to Him anytime, anywhere, irregardless of our condition.He accepts us just as we are. He longs for us to Remember Him in our Lifetime.

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Do You Have The Ability To Remember
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1 year ago


With Him nothing is impossible, we should always be thankful and always offer our life to God, always remember Him through ups and downs and always be blessed

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1 year ago

I always remember God. When I am sad and happy, I remember him and especially through tough times, when I know I can't do it all, I surrender it all to him.

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1 year ago

Sometimes it is really confusing to decide which to follow, the heart or the mind😬.

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1 year ago

Our youthful days are the best days to remember God because when we get older, responsibilities gets higher with tends to make us forget God.
God bless you 💖. Have a nice day

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1 year ago