@Omar.A arrange a giveaway. Do the following steps to be eligible in giveaway.

1/ subscribe @Omar.A for more updates for more interesting offers and giveaways.

2/ Write a short post about this giveaway and mention him in the post. Also tag some of your friends.

3/ Also comment the link of your best post in the comment section of his post and mention ( 2 ) of your friends to come take part in this offer.

Here's the link of his giveaway :


@Nihan @Fatema @Rafi4545

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@Meher89 posted 3 years ago


Good luck to you, I hope you win this

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3 years ago

Thanks a lot dear for your info.take care ❤️

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3 years ago

Best of luck dear sister. I will participate there also as soon as possible. Have a great day❤

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3 years ago