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Security alert: It's trivially easy to break into mobiles. It doesn't even require any action from the user and a fresh default Android/iPhone installation with the latest security patch is just as vulnerable.

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@unitedstatian posted 2 months ago


This is made public because China is gaining ground in many technologies, the United States and Israel already have the information, they do not want the competition.

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2 months ago
  1. please note, this tool was deployed by the israeli, saudi arabian, hungarian, indian, mexican, and moroccoish secret service and state against those who they labeled hostile against these particular states. hostality means being newspaperwriters, lobbists, propagandists or business owners, who had strong interest against these states.

  2. the malware only lives in memory, the binary is gone once the device is rebooted, but of course it can be instantly cracked again.

  3. the malware package uses zero day vulnerabilites on all form of IOS phones, tablets, android, and windows devices, but mostly phones were cracked.

  4. the number of victims are 40.000.

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2 months ago