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Today I seen many posts related to hacking attempt of Bitcoin wallet.

I want to express my view on this topic.

Concept of Distributed ledger is backbone of Blockchain technology. It is claimed that, distributed ledger makes it impossible to hack many computers ( nodes ) at the same time. This looks very impressive. There is a loophole in this theory. Every Transaction in Blockchain is verified by by many nodes which requires solving mathematical algorithm and who solve first ' wins ' . These algorithm requires very high computing power and practically this computing power are held by some, it means hackers have to hack only those computers who veryfy transactions.

Kindly give your suggestions, if you feel or know more.

So, hacking is possible.

Thank you.

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@Ju1882 posted 2 years ago


I don't know if there has been any proven case of hacking.

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2 years ago

It doesn't mean, which is never happen, may not happen.

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2 years ago