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3 Proverbs for Adulthood

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2 months ago (Last updated: 1 month ago)
Photograph of the Jehovah's Witnesses Bible in my flower garden.

May, 01, 2022 | No.68

Hello, dear friend of Read!

Welcome fabulous May! Although the month is starting off a bit hot here in Venezuela. We start May celebrating Labor Day so, congratulations to all of you! May your work be well remunerated and your businesses prosperous.

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As you may know today is Sunday, the day I will be using my blog on Read to spread the word of God.

So, this week, while reading the Bible, I found 3 very interesting verses adapted to something we sometimes tend to do.

Photograph of the Jehovah's Witnesses Bible in the book of Proverbs.

"A fool gives vent to all his anger, but a wise man at last pacifies it."

Proverbs 29:11

I believe that the proverbs are to give us wisdom so that we can do better in life, fulfilling the commandments.

Although, sometimes when reading them they feel like a blow to the head of a fool. This particular verse says a lot, it is about patience, wisdom and intelligence.

As well as how these influence our behavior. It shows how the immaturity of adolescence is left behind, giving way to adulthood. However, it is not so easy to achieve, and it is not based on burning stages.

It is a work that is done day by day.

Measuring our behavior and giving the best of ourselves. With this, we will obtain a better performance in situations. We will be more satisfied with the results. In addition to being better people.

"A man who loves wisdom rejoices his father; but he who frequents harlots will lose his goods."

Proverbs 20:3

An ideal proverb for the weekend, is this one. It reminds me of the phrase "he who buys in bodegas, is ruined".

The "bodegas" in Venezuela refer to small businesses that sell groceries for the home. Buying in them is very expensive, hence the phrase. So, managing our assets is also part of maturity. So, making good investments, saving and managing money well, will help us to have a more organized life, but, above all, a happy one.

By this I also mean that using money for purposes of the flesh such as alcohol, sex or drugs, does not bring happiness, but ruin.

It is to keep money in the torn pocket of the pants, without realizing that those pants do not have a belt, so one day they fall down. Those pants are us, and only we decide whether to be a new pair of pants, or those torn pants, with holes everywhere.

As time goes by, everything we do takes its toll on us, not only on earth but in eternity.

The body, by not taking care of it, and giving it "what it asks for", will only deteriorate, until diseases or certain death appears. While our soul will have no rest. Both terrible destinies.

Therefore, leading a quiet, happy, healthy life, hand in hand with God, will bring us benefits.

"There is a generation that is clean in its own eyes, though it has not cleansed itself from its filthiness.

Proverb 30:12

This last Proverb in my article reminds me of yesterday while I was watching a TV program on singing.

In it, one of the contestants was giving his opinion on the jury's decision.

It was the first time I saw that happening, and it is precisely one of the current problems: young people do not listen.

Sometimes we think that as young people or teenagers we are absolutely right. However, we are wrong, because there are more solutions or ways of doing things. There is a reason why they say that you have to think with a cool head. And so it is, making thoughtful, clear decisions, as well as well directed, will help us to have good results.

Today I share with you these 3 verses full of wisdom and useful teachings for our life. Proverbs worthy of the worker's day, because adulthood is not easy, but we can be happy if we live responsibly.

❤️ I bid you farewell, with love and a big hug. thanks for reading!❤️

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Written by   90
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Esta interesante el articulo, amiga. Que bueno que lo hayas publicado.

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Muchas gracias amigo. :)

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