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11 months ago

Did you make a wishlist? I mean for the Saint? If I put my shoe, just one so he knows, I get candies. Today a chocolate mouse with something inside. It's white and sweet and I don't like it. They say the Saint knows everything but he doesn't know what I like. I don't like this sweet stuff it hurts my teeth. A piece of cheese I like. I guess I cannot write it down on my wishlist that's why I don't make one. I made a drawing, left a carrot and water for the horse and that's it. We sang some songs as we put our shoes and after that, I went to bed. Sometimes I can hear the television set downstairs but never if my mother works. Her clients can watch tv too while they wait in our living till it's their turn. I hope they won't touch my shoe. Piet will stop by later.
Piet is good at eavesdropping. At least that is what they all say. I am not sure if that's true or perhaps he doesn't tell the Saint it writes it down how I am.
My parents were children. Piet didn't take them and put them in a bag or only gave them salt instead of presents. Perhaps they do not care who is naughty and who's not and Spain is already full of naughty children.
My father never makes a wishlist either. He always gets the same which is slippers. Not filter slippers but leather ones with a thick sole. He doesn't only wear them but beats me with them. Does the Saint know he beats me? I don't like those slippers and I don't like it if my mother tells him he has to beat me. If she says "don't you see that child..." he jumps and beats. He jumps like Jack in the box.

November 30, 2020

Sorry, I am not in the mood to write. What is the point? I don't like this diary. It's ugly and the pen does not always write on the paper. I am tired of hiding it. My mother finds it anyway. She likes to stick her nose into everything. Not that it matters she always finds a reason to be angry with me. No reason is a reason too.

December 1, 2020

The girl is weird but she will say that about me too. She sneaks through the house. Now there are two. My mother and she. My dad is still somewhere and keeps his mouth shut. My mother works and cares or whatever that means and if not she goes shopping or goes to bed. If she is in bed it's safe, if she's away at work too and if she goes shopping it takes hours. She always buts a lot. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, and more. Once home she has a bad movie because she spent too much. Granddad died he can't help her. I am not sure if my granny will.

December 2, 2020

It's Thursday and what more can I say. Only three more nights and we celebrate the Saint's birthday. Tomorrow he will visit the school. My hat with name is ready and we had to make room in our class which is the auditorium. Our tables are in the hallway.

December 3, 2020

The Saint was at school! There were Piets everywhere and they gave us candies. I saw them on the roof of the school and the children of the Catholic school called them too. The Saint didn't ask me to step forward and there was no need to sit on his lap. As the Saint and Piet left we received a present, more kruidnoten and a letter made of chocolate. The school closed at noon. December 5th is a celebration day.
Today the girl went to her sister again.

December 5, 2020

A kid's diary

Sunday blues

The Saint

I think...


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Written by   748
11 months ago
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Just some inspiration

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11 months ago

Yeah i made it and im waiting Saint to response

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11 months ago