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Conspiracy, anti corona vaccines & communication

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3 months ago


Already the word makes me sick. It's frequently used by people, sheep, in the wrong context. It's not different from the words "discrimination", "homophobia" and so on. Those who have an opinion of their own are labelled by a certain group whose only power comes with who shoutest at loudest.
"If you shout you are wrong" is what I was raised with. If you have no brains, are too lazy to do some research yourself, can only repeat like a parrot what some of those others say if you blindly follow and believe what the media (worldwide owned by not even a handful of people) write you are brainwashed. You have tunnel vision and no opinion of your own. To me, you are a sheep. Not one with a will of its own but a sheep that even if it's sick and in pain walks on its knees and follows the group because it is too afraid to be left behind. You are even that sheep who finds it normal to be barked at, drilled and bitten by a dog. The dog is known as a big brother. The one you hope he can be trusted but who can kill you too (ever read 'Animal farm'?).
It's unbelievable how easy it is to scare people but also how easy they are transformed into bullies and weapons of the government.

Anti corona vaccines

After millions are vaccinated which was promoted by the media who keeps promoting it, we suddenly read news about side effects. We hear the truth. The media lied, governments lied, pharmaceutical companies lied. The vaccines are not safe. Those tests to approve vaccines were not all done are not finished yet. Indeed after the testing period, people get hurt. Many ended up on the IC after being vaccinated. Perfectly healthy people. The vaccine did it to them. No government mentioned it, newspapers kept silent, those who suffered and died were ignored. "Caused by the coronavirus," was what the government, virologists and media said. In reality, doctors refused to see those who called, doctors' services told victims calling in pain not to be such a cry baby! Elderly dying because of the side-effects shouldn't complain.

"We do this together", is the minister of Health his slogan and "we do this for the elderly".
Really? Those elderly who do not visit any festivals, who are dumped in nursery homes, that elderly no one visits and cannot leave their bed? Are "we" really doing this for those elderly who weren't taken to hospital as they became sick? Those people the minister of Health let die without any shame? It's a joke, a big joke and worst of all is there is a large group of people truly believing this.
"We do this for you", they are bleating, "we do this for you so why do you refuse? How antisocial of you!"

Antisocial? Those who go for vaccination do it for themselves, do it out of fear! These vaccines aren't real vaccines they are completely different. Not everything in a syringe is a vaccine! Insulin is not, morphine is not, cocaine is not. What these anti coronavirus vaccines bring is misery. Several people suddenly are infected with the coronavirus, there are many side-effects and experts warned but those people were deleted, called conspiracy theorists, liars. Dying is called a side-effect today. Before it was murder.

If you take a vaccine, no matter if it was forced upon you, you do it for yourself! It's your decision. Your fear eats you, your lack of trust in your body, your immune system, the fear of what people will say and think about you if you ask questions, have doubts. If you go for that vaccine you do it for yourself because you want to visit that festival with 4000 people and get drunk, you want to have group sex and travel. You do it for you, not for me or those elderly you never cared about and never will cry a tear for.
Those elderly... to you they are useless people. They only consume and cost the society, cost you, money. These are the facts, what the media told you for years. This is how it is and the media, those papers are always right. Even if the article is badly written/translated. The elderly are a burden to society. There's no need to care, it's good so many died in 2019,2020 and if death is called a side-effect it's no big deal. We all die and those elderly had their life.


We all know communication is important if it comes to relationships. A part of it is freedom. The freedom to have an opinion of your own and to express yourself. Another part is to listen to each other. People are not the same. What is good for you can be harmful to someone else.
If 2% of a population ending up on the IC is good for a worldwide lockdown my question is: How come 86% of people with (serious) side-effects do not count? How come the "we do it for our elderly" doesn't count if it goes wrong and facts are not mentioned, people are not warned, even worse do not receive medical help although they pay at least 130 euros a month for health insurance till the moment they die?
Is democracy not about open discussions any longer? Does the voice of only a few count today? Those without a backbone paid by...?

Doctors are forbidden to cure Covid-19 patients, doctors are threatened, not informed about the latest developments. Doctors are sacked, doctors gave up on their profession. Their ad says they are not allowed to harm people. Nevertheless, they do and keep their mouth shut.

Lie after lie is told. Tests are done wrong. Being infected is not the same as having Covid-19. The mortality is 0.23%, not 3.5% and excellent people with knowledge and years of experience and science are labelled by the government as idiots. Their videos are removed by the government.

Ventilators are harmful.

Why is the pandemic kept alive? The minister said it, the government made it clear: To control the people, their behaviour and obedience.

The pandemic is used for political reasons.

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Written by   726
3 months ago
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It is like, if you get vaccinated, and you are okay after, then you're lucky. If you are not okay after, then you are unlucky. Can we know that in advance? Can we just be protected ASAP? I am also annoyed by this but the government says we need to do it.

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2 months ago

Imagine!!! This is definitely an act of pure wickedness. For a whole minister to say, the ailment is kept alive "To control the people, their behaviour and obedience"

Where are we going in this world? Do they even want the masses to survive? Say No to Covid-19 vaccine. We will scale through.

Thanks for voicing out people's fear.

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3 months ago

No filter. Free spirited writing. So real and unbothered. I like it. I am constantly (indirectly) pressured here to be vaccinated. I am now 60% saying yes. I was into the very NO side before. You are right, it's my decision to do this, to agree to this. If your idea is right, "the pandemic is a means to control people" then some humanity in here is so srewed up, definitely.

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3 months ago

Each and everything on this planet has a lesson in store for us. Taking these lessons would make a person wiser and ignoring them would make him even more foolhardy.

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3 months ago