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1 dollar only

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5 months ago
Topics: 2021, Column, Life, Freewriting, Money, ...

What can you buy for 1 dollar?

One dollar it's not much. Not where I live and not as much as one euro. For one euro I can buy yogurt, the cheapest bar of chocolate, half a bread, and 1 kilograms of wheat flour if I am lucky. I can matches, an apple (perhaps two), one banana, 50 envelopes, a bottle of water and that's basically it. It's not much and if it comes to food only especially if you have a family, you can buy holland toast from it.
One dollar is not enough to buy the cheapest piece of soap, shampoo or toothpaste. You cannot buy a comb, toiletpaper, detergent, dishwashing liquid, peanutbutter, cheese, meat, eggs, fish or buy 1 liter gasoline with one dollar. One candle will cost you more even those not made out of wax, just like a postcard, stamp, pen and a washcloth.

Those days I could buy one candy for 1 cent and next 5 cents are over. Eating vegetables and fruits is too expensive for many. It's why schools joined projects and gave an apple or other piece of fruit to the children. As I was in kindergarten school milk was normal. Today parents need to pay for it and fruits is history. Onlynschoolbooks mention how to eat healthy but more and more children go to school without breakfast. Not because they cannot eat early in the morning but because the costs for living are too high. Once every bill and all taxes are paid there's no money left for groceries.
It's impossible for people to live a healthy life. They cannot afford buying good food. Meat, chicken and fish are called bad and 'not done' but in the meantime being vegan is for the rich only. What is left is bread. "Give us our daily bread..." The price of a bread is between 1.50 - 8 dollars! Dry bread only isn't a healthy, decent meal. There are hardly vitamins and minerals in it and consuming high amounts of wheat (bread and pasta) are not only creating a gluten intolerance but it makes you fat. Being overweighted comes with health issues: high bloodpressure, heart diseases, diabetics and like we know this is the group more vulnerable for Covid-19 as well.

Might be the meat industry (livestock farming) is bad for the environment but so are all those vegan snacks. What is in it needs to be produced somewhere and the readon the rainforest is cut isn't because we keep chickens, pigs and cows but because of agriculture. We grow, use poison, need to wrap, pack, transport what is produced.
I am sure one human being consumes and poisons the earth more in his life time than a car does but no one mentions it. For some reason animals are blamed for everything although no animal harms the earth. Animals don't throw their garbage in the sea, they don't kill sea life and poison oceans only humans do. We humans don't care about pollution if that would be the case we would stop breeding with the human race. We are with way too many and the world is out of balance and every day it gets worse.
We disturb animal life in every way. We import all kind of flora and fauna and don't care if or how it works out. Some plants and animals do too well in their new environment because they have no natural enemies. It takes years, at times ages till nature finds a new balance but that rarely happens because humans always interfere, because they always claim to know better what is best for nature. It rarely works out good, in the way those experts expected it should be.

What will we eat today? What can we buy for 1 dollar? Not the sellery soup I made today out of water, the cheapest vegetable stock cubes and. The sellery already did cost me 3 dollars and you can hardly call this a meal.

There's nearly nothing I can buy for 1 dollar. Not if it comes to food and drinks.
Tea, coffee and soda cost more and even a bag of potatochips and french fries became twice it's price within one year. The prices increase and the shops are partly empty. It's not because of the pandemic this started alreadyten years ago.
So those who can afford it live on vitaminpills and drink water with extra minerals because it's cheaper than buying vegetables and fruits and if you are vegan you need to take vitamins B12 anyway.

Depressions and flu like diseases are not the only health issues caused by a lack of healthy food, fresh air and sunshine. At the time you notice it, it will be too late to change the damage done and the pharmacies are the ones who laugh in their sleeve.

If it comes to 1 dollar...even at the one dollar shop they sell nothing for one dollar only.

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Written by   734
5 months ago
Topics: 2021, Column, Life, Freewriting, Money, ...
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For some a dollar is not much, but for others it may be enough, even for a brief moment. God grant that every household and every person in the world can put healthy food on their table and their body can get the nutrients it needs to be strong and healthy.

Saludos WakeUpKitty..!!

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5 months ago

It's not about 1 dollar being 'not much' but about not being sufficient to stay alive healthy. As we say here "It's not enough to die, not enough to live". The prices increase and they only get higher. It has to do with the increasing of the world's population.

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5 months ago