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Love is not Fate, but an Option

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8 months ago

Love is not a destiny, it is a choice. You can choose love or not. However, we live whatever our choice is. In our life, situations occur according to our choice. If we choose love, we give opportunity to situations in our lives that are compatible with love.

Likewise, emotions such as anger, hatred, and grudge are our choice. In fact, it is the hatred within us that draws even those we hate into our lives. People are just like mirrors reflecting the world inside us. We see other people and the world as our hearts are.

Emotions such as anger, hatred, and grudge can be cleansed and purified by feelings such as love and compassion. This starts a cleaning process. Our heart and inner world begin to be cleansed with love and affection.

Whenever we feel emotions such as anger, hate, and try to focus on the feeling of love again, after a while, love will become the intense emotion in us and over time, emotions such as hate, anger and grudge will lose their effect.

Choosing love starts the cleansing process. However, we must continue to choose love over and over again throughout the process.

When love is an intense and active emotion in our lives, we solve many problems before they arise. Love creates solutions. It makes our mind open to new solutions.

When our hearts open to love, feelings such as peace and happiness arise naturally in us and in our lives.

Love reprograms our mind, clears our subconscious, recodes our dna, and makes us look healthier, fit, good, beautiful / handsome.

Love also provides healing. Many of our illnesses and ailments can spontaneously disappear and be healed. Love regulates and strengthens even our body chemistry like a natural, effective and very powerful medicine.

Love also rejuvenates. When our DNA is coded with love, we naturally become younger and look younger.

Even in the first few days when a person falls in love, his eyes start to shine, feel better and smile.

When relationships are built with love, it affects everyone positively. Spouses who love each other live a satisfying, happy and peaceful life. Children who grow up in a loving family become loving, happy, healthy and successful.

People who choose love make loving friends because they also experience all their relationships with love. They are even more successful at their jobs.

All this happens because they choose love at every moment of their lives. It would not be correct to say that people who choose love will not have any problems. However, they can produce more appropriate solutions to solve problems. Yet they continue to choose love. Because they are aware that love adds beauty to their lives.

Because their relationships are based on love, honesty and loyalty, they experience deep and strong relationships. Choosing love is a life-long process. Instead of choosing anger, hatred, hatred over and over again, you choose love and live a loving life.

We have the option to replace our destiny with a loving one.

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Written by   96
8 months ago
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Love Is A Choice The internet is full of articles praising the idea that love is a choice. Love is a decision you choose daily to show your partner you love them. It’s not about having a feeling it’s about recognizing you love your partner regardless of how you feel and showing your partner that you love them. Which is nice, except with some descriptions, it can come across as a whole self-sacrificing ideal. For others, it sounds like Nike trying to sell sneakers. Just do it. The Problem With Choice Love as a choice can be harmful when people hold their partner to this standard. “They didn’t choose to do this, so they don’t love me or care for me.” When people view love as a choice, it can lead to people questioning others feelings, when they don’t respond the way they would like them too. If someone loves painting, singing, or writing, but isn’t very good at it people don’t question if they love it or not, they accept that they love it and that they happen not to be necessarily good at it. However, if someone doesn’t respond to their emotional needs, they believe they don’t care, which isn’t true. People don’t tell others to choose to be a better painter, writer, or singer, but calling love a choice creates a mindset that their partner should choose to be good at it, and that mindset will disappoint. The choice mindset is a terrible simplification of a complex emotional need and action. Telling someone that love is a choice rings of “just choose to be happy” and “stop being anxious.” As a therapist that is the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard.

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8 months ago

Since my answer is long, I wanted to publish this as an article. Can you check out my new article?

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8 months ago

As the saying goes, "Love makes the world go round. "

There is nothing that I can add on to that since you have elaborate everything in your piece. Thank you for this...

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8 months ago

Thank you for your comment. I wish you a loving life! 🙏

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8 months ago