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Monthly Report on our Bitcoin Cash Project

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8 months ago

I was not suppose to update a report on our Bitcoin Cash Project but this morning I had a conversation with the team and have realized that I must to. It’s been a month since after my last update and a lot of things had happened.

This update will let you know that the Project is still alive.


Scheduling BCH Talks 


I was very happy to see that everything is going according to our plans. I have gone to all of these places, some of these was with help of alone but mostly I do it alone because he has classes and have talked to people with different personalities, with different needs and with different reactions on Bitcoin Cash.

Someone Had Ruined the Plan

January 26 when I have received a phone call from the Agbatuan Brgy. Captain. I thought he would tell me good news but it was different. Something that had really hurt me. He canceled the tomorrow’s talk and just told me he doesn’t want to talk anymore.

An hour after that phone call, I have received several phone calls from the Brgy. Secretaries and Captains that they were also canceling the BCH Talk.

January 27, I went to Agbatuan to ask why they had canceled the talk. I talked to their Secretary and told me that I can’t change their decision anymore. It was only yesterday when I have talked them and could see the interest in their eyes but now, it vanished like we haven’t talk before.

I went to other Barangays but the same thing had happened. I don’t know what but I guess, it was a big person behind all of this. 


I was worried. The people who have donated for this project expects a lot of things from me, expects a development and what had just happened was worst. I was thinking weeks ago to post it but I was holding myself not to because I don’t want to disappoint everyone.

I would like to thank my girlfriend for being there during that time. She made me realize that I must not stop because I was there in the point of stopping. She used these words to me,

“You can stop but you need to return all of those donations you have received then let’s break up because the Stephen I know wasn’t that kind of person.”

Those words wake me up so I started thinking of what are the things that I can do still.

 I live almost between two towns and the one that I have distributed leaflets wasn’t my town. But the town nearer to us. Why?

I am shy and I choose the other town because only a few people know about me. And that town was quite a little poorer than our town that’s why I choose them.

Blame me for being shy please.

New Goals

I decided to start sharing to the people in my real town. I was still shy so I shifted to another ideas. I chatted my classmates in College and informed them that I want to change their life then we started a video call last February 6. There were almost 60 of them, I talked to them on their vacant time and all of them are listening to me in the laptop. It was just like a college reporting. Everybody was interested and I said, I am giving them free BCH from BitcoinBileto when we can meet but they said they were still busy. I was looking forward to meeting all of them soon.

I still need to spread Bitcoin Cash and I need people who will listen to me, people who have trusted me before so I went to chat my schoolmates in High School and basically they were all journalists. I quite made a good image when I was in High School so there were a lot of people whom I can talk to.


Introducing the Bitcoin Cash Teens PH

Picture made by one of our members

What is Bitcoin Cash Teens PH?

It is a group of Filipino teenagers that helps share Bitcoin Cash to it's peers. Bitcoin Cash Teens PH was born last February 2, 2020 and is run by a group of teenagers that seeks adoption. We believe that the teenagers (us) is the future of BCH adoption in our country so goes in a saying by Dr. Jose Rizal

"Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan."

" The youth is the hope of it's nation."

We bring hope to our fellow teenagers through Bitcoin Cash. Right now, we have 73 members and is growing everyday.

The team have already encountered some of our members.

Chenzuee, Chan-Chan, glorybretana0102 and PinoyLanguage is helping me build this. For the past 8 days, we have been discussing a lot of things on BCH and we are glad to tell that in the "btcfork's CGTOW bounty contest" our members is working on with 3 entries.

Sj what about the donations, any update?

Well of course there is.

In my past articles first, second, third.

The total donations was $159 on but I have received $143.1

The 10% was deducted and I have no issue with that because it is also for the benefit of

$7 on twitter

$2.30 was sent on my BCH address

BitcoinBileto donations (I don't know the amount)

Plus the remaining funds before that I have saved $7.50

Total of $159.90 + BitcoinBileto donations

Where did it go now?

I have traded them after I have received your donations and have made an account in the bank that is for the project.

I have spent money on the talk with the Barangay Captains but now it failed. The money spent was $19 for the fare. I will not be deducting this to the funds. I have received funds from translating so I am using that to cover the fare fees. It was useless because it didn't benefit the project so I am not considering this as a deduction to your donations.

The amount of money left in my wallet is $7 out of $20 after giving everyone Bitcoin Cash.

Future plans

We will continue gathering more people joining this project.

Chenzuee and Chan-Chan is gathering writers. I have taught them and told them to show how works and they are demonstrating in front of their fellow journalist.

PinoyLanguage had become part of the team also and he is working on online selling that accepts Bitcoin cash payments. He had tested and have spread bch love. We are both learning how to make a website. AnnAnn wants to sell in OpenBazaar too.

Glorybretana0102 is my partner in the plans for airdropping our token. This is a token created in and the members can exchange this in bch from us also. I don't want to spoil. I will let her post it here.

What have I learned?

  • You can never make people adopt bch if you just give them talk or lessons but can make them only do that if you send them some.

  • Your fellow teenagers are more easier to talk with than with the elders.

Are we accepting donations now?

The answer is no (for now).

There are still funds (it's more than enough) for now.

♥️ Thank you everyone ♥️

I would like to thank everyone for all of the donations. I can't mention all of your names but you know who you are. Words are not enough to express our gratitude.

Do you have any feedback?

Please let me know. I am ready to accept criticism because I know I have to be reprimanded for telling a lie in the first place about my real town or about not updating.

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Written by   139
8 months ago
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The young pepole are more important than the old people. Youth is the future.

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8 months ago

You were right about that telesfor. And was also right before. I didn't expect someone to destroy this. It's like yesterday we were friends but now they don't even wanna talk about the opportunities bch could give them. So I bet it is someone who has power.

So what can a teenager like me do? Okay let me gather all teenagers and let's show them what we've got.

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8 months ago

Good job, but I still insist that I wasn't pressuring you for updates, I just mentioned that we haven't heard from you for some time :)

$ 0.10
8 months ago

Good morning :)

Yes team. For now, I will just focus spreading BCH to my peers.

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8 months ago

I think you're heading in the right directions. Older generation is often scared of cryptocurrencies, while younger generation will see crypto as something that has always been there. And as soon as those who are now in their 20ies become presidents - it will seem obvious to make crypto legal and usable everywhere.

$ 0.00
8 months ago

This is what our national hero said too but yours was just inclined to crypto. It was still the same coz the crypto is our future also.

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8 months ago