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Trust is the first condition of a strong relationship: Eliminate distrust issues

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6 days ago
Topics: Trust

Hello! Greetings from me to all reader Friends.

For some time now I have been suffering from some trust problems. I don't know if this is a doubt in my mind or a true idea. Whatever it is but it hurts me a lot mentally. Not only me but many people suffer from such problems. Problems start to form, especially when the thing called "Trust" moves a little. From my point of view, I will write about how important trust is to keep the relationship strong and to make the relationship long lasting. I hope my article will not disappoint you guys.

Trust is at the foundation of any relationship. Whether it's with your spouse, kids, parents or friends, trust is what keeps you going. It's not always easy to trust people and be vulnerable but if you want a meaningful life then you need to take that chance!

Why Trust is important in relationships?

"Trust is like glue, it can hold any relationship together." This means that without trust, even the strongest relationships will crumble to the ground. 

We all want to be loved and trusted. In a relationship, trust is the foundation for any relationship, if one party doesn’t trust the other then there is no way of knowing what they are up to or who they have been with. There are many different scenarios that can cause this lack of trust, but it may just be a matter of communication. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel your partner isn’t being honest with you, talk about it! Communication will help build that foundation of trust again and allow both parties to go on feeling loved and secure enough to share their lives with each other.

How do you build trust in a relationship?

"What does it take to build trust in a relationship? Is there such thing as too much communication or not enough communication?                                   

It's hard to believe that humans are wired for connection. It's our most basic of needs. We need to know that we're not alone, and there is someone out there who will always have your back. But how do you build trust in a relationship? And what does it take to keep the magic alive?

Building trust in a relationship takes time, effort and patience. It's not something you can do overnight or with the snap of your fingers. For some people, it may take years to build up that level of trust which is why it's important to be mindful about what you are doing when building this type of connection with someone else. Trusting another person doesn't happen immediately but rather gradually over time as you develop an understanding for who they are and how their actions affect the both of you.

"The truth is, building trust takes patience. At first, it's all about getting to know each other well enough to be able to know what we want from one another. It starts with our conversations and touches on how we communicate with each other."

When trust is broken, it's difficult to regain:

You know the feeling. When trust is broken, it's difficult to regain. You're in a relationship and it's going well, but then you make one stupid mistake.  This can happen when you break a promise or someone else does; both are equally painful. Trust can break so easily when something like this happens—

But you know what?  It is vital that you both get a chance.  Mistakes may be made by you or the other party.  But one chance and another try is definitely needed to reconnect the relationship.

And when your loved one misunderstood you. The distance with you began to build.  I'm not saying only you have to be a life partner just to say dear people.  Dear people, those who are always by our side in our happiness and sorrow.  Dear people are those to whom we can easily express the sufferings of our life and feel light from our own sufferings.  Dear people, there is no relief until we share our joys.  Dear people can be our parents, dear people can be a dear friend or boyfriend or husband / wife.

Without trust, there can be no intimacy:

"Is it possible to have intimacy without trust? Let's be honest, it might feel great for a few minutes but the lack of authenticity will eventually become evident. You'll find that your partner is hiding something or you'll notice their true colors coming out and you're not really attracted to them anymore. There's nothing wrong with getting turned on by someone who doesn't represent what you want in life; they make great one-night stands! However, if you are looking for an intimate relationship where both partners can show themselves fully then I recommend focusing on building trust.

Trust is one of the most important things in any relationship. Without it, intimacy can't exist. It's what allows us to feel safe and secure with someone else. We all want our partner for them and not for anyone else they may be seeing on the side or talking about behind our back. If we can't trust them then there's no point in pursuing anything further because without knowing their true intentions it would only lead into disappointment and hurt feelings.

If you're not feeling loved or appreciated in your relationship, ask yourself if there are things that might be causing this lack of trust.

Tension between couples can arise for many different reasons but one thing they have in common is how each person approaches relationships differently from themselves on an emotional level which causes tension when differences come up with their expectations towards life's events like arguments over money while trying to maintain. Certain things make it difficult for the two of you to trust each other, like not feeling appreciated or loved. Check yourself before making assumptions about why this could be happening

In order words: Have I been giving enough attention/time from my end towards achieving affectionate feelings from others (my partner)? Is there anything specific going on recently outside our control which might have caused lack thereof such as major life changes at work place death among friends' divorce etc.. ? If so then maybe we need some space while dealing with our problem.

If you find yourself no longer trusting your partner, it's important to get help. This could be because they betrayed or lied about some trust which caused feelings of doubt in others around them so if this has happened before there may not only problems with one person but also how much faith everyone else has lost overall for that relationship .

It is importance of speaking up if you're not happy with something instead of bottling up your feelings .

The author's message in the last sentence

If you lose trust in someone, give them another chance to gain trust, thinking that they once did something good for you. No one in the world is perfect, mistakes can be made by everyone, but another opportunity must be given to correct mistakes .Although it is not possible to create in the former place when trust is destroyed, although it is difficult but not impossible. Because we need human beings to continue in our society because we are social beings. So we have to trust someone. *The heartbreaking part is "If you lose trust in someone at all, just say it without thinking for a second. Because it will give you peace of mind and release you from false relationships".


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Written by   25
6 days ago
Topics: Trust
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Sometimes, people will really just break your trust. The painful thing in there is when do it intentionally and kept on saying a nonsense excuses just to justify their act. 🥺

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6 days ago

These nonsense excuses hurt us even more. Although those people do not have the ability to understand it. But there is nothing to do but to leave or forget them.

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5 days ago

Some people can break your trust so many times and they will still look for a silly excuse to justify their actions

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6 days ago

The fact is that we suffer the most from those we like most.

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5 days ago