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My Daily Life#35 A Simple Celebration of My Birthday

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1 month ago
Topics: Philippines, Diary, Life

Good day guys!

Today I finally got older again, I'm really glad that I'm alive after everything that happened to me last 2020. I'm just happy that when I got COVID-19 it wasn't as severe and the best part is that I have a supportive family, girlfriend, and friends. I wouldn't have gone through it alone.

Let me tell you about my day. As soon as I woke up, I thanked God that I'm still alive. I woke up a bit early because I wanted to finish what I was writing. At the same time, I was also getting ready for work. I was receiving messages of people greeting me already. I drove myself to work and I'm glad that there wasn't that much traffic because I was running late. After timing in, my colleagues greeted me.

Were waiting for the doctor's order and our doctor texted called and told us the management of each patient. We went to patient one, he just suffered a stroke but he's strong. We were able to make him stand up though his knees were still buckling on his weak side and he had difficulty in performing March in place because of the weakness. He said that he accepted what happened to him, but for some reason whenever I treat him when he's doing his exercises he seems frustrated. But I'm really glad that he was helping himself. We went to patient 2 and we were able to make him short sit. The best part about his short sitting was that he was able to balance himself. We went to patient 3 but she wasn't in her room so we asked the nurse's station about it and they said that she had a procedure. We went to patient 4 but he was still feeding through an NGT. We went down to our department to burn time while waiting. Around 10:40 we went back up and went to patient 3 she was in her room already but dead asleep, so we didn't wake her up. We went to patient 4 but our other colleagues were treating him by making him eat so they can remove his NGT. It was my first time to see that patient in a good mood, he would wave at us and smile. He started refusing to eat his food so it was our turn. It was easy transferring him from the bed to the chair. When we made him stand up, he walked to the refrigerator while grabbing it. Then something bad happened. He started to pee. Though he was using a diaper, his thing was outside, he was peeing like a horse and his pee hit the top of my shoes. There was a lot of pee and his feet were soaked with it. My other colleagues were laughing at me and saying "Happy Birthday". After cleaning it up, he followed it up by pooing, I'm just glad that it went inside the diaper. So we just placed him on the bed so they could clean him up. I'm actually frustrated with that patient because we couldn't progress him because he doesn't help himself. We went back downstairs and assessed the damage and disinfected it. I'm glad that the pee didn't soak through my socks, though I also had another colleague who was a victim and it went through her shoes and into her socks. I'm glad that I had an extra pair of shoes and that my pants were not affected. I call this the "Birthday Splash" After cleaning up we ate lunch.

While I was heating my food, a colleague was calling me. They surprised me by giving me this cake while singing Happy Birthday. I'm really touched by their gesture. The greetings were in Filipino. I still find the candles hilarious. I had to turn off the fire of those candle-shaped boobies. I loved the taste of the cake because it wasn't too sweet.

After that, at around 2 pm we tried going back to patient 3. We asked her if she wanted to get treated but she refused because she was tired. So we went back down and we were talking with my other colleagues. And I was just resting and replying to most of the Birthday greetings.

While waiting for 5 O clock one of my colleagues called me and asked if I wanted to shoot some hoops. I just went with him. The board was really beaten up and the ring was already tilted to the right. It was fun shooting again, though I suck already. We played around the world and I lost. Though we were not playing a normal game, I was sweating a lot than usual. The court was dirty, my hands were turning black from all the dust that's accumulated. Though I still enjoyed it.

Before it hit 5 we went back to wash up. When I was walking to the car, it was drizzling. While driving home, it started raining.

When I got home, I immediately soaked my shoes in soap to wash them and then took a bath because we were going to have a small dinner party with our family.

We all went up, and my grandpa blessed me and the food by leading the prayer. We had spaghetti and hotdogs which were cooked by my mom, salad which is the favorite of the others, and it was prepared by my younger brother. We also had Lechon Manok which is also known as spit-roasted chicken from Baliwag.

My cousins were there and it was really nice catching up with them. I had another cake and they sang for me. I had to use my hands to turn off the flame.

When we went back to our house, my sister baked a cake for me. My mom sang again. This day was actually fun despite the Birthday Splash. I was able to eat 3 slices of different kinds of cakes. You know how much you are loved with all their greetings. I may be getting older but I'm still young at heart haha. Thanks for reading and I hope that you enjoyed your day

Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

The photos used in this post are owned by me .


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Written by   130
1 month ago
Topics: Philippines, Diary, Life
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That was indeed a memorable one! You are blessed to have all of them around. God bless you and happy birthday! 🎁🎂🎊

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1 month ago

Thank you so much for dropping by and for the greeting. May God Bless you too!

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1 month ago