Who can call in the troops? 🪂 The WHO! ☢️ That's Who

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I write about things that are on my mind and this one is a biggie!

Let's start with a quote from this article from yesterday

Expand the power of the WHO DG to declare pandemics and health emergencies, and therefore recommend border closures, interruption and removal of rights to travel and potentially internal ‘lockdown’ requirements and send teams of WHO personnel to countries to investigate outbreaks, irrespective of the findings of the emergency committee and without consent of the country where the instance is recorded.

I did not have to read that far down to find this little shocker

Signing U.S. Sovereignty over to...

these two boob

A little history on this topic. There was a lot of global trickery going on through out Obummer's eight years. I could write on him and his tyranny for weeks non-stop. For now, I will stay on the topic of treaties, agreements, or other ways they have tried to trump our constitution.

There was the T.P.P. (Trans-Pacific Partnership) that was inches away from being signed into law, which would allow corporations to write trade rules that could possibly be unconstitutional. "You can't have a hundred different constitutions out there slowing down trade!" they said. Do your own research on what that was. I am writing from memory here and have no examples of the horrors it would have allowed. The main gist; when court cases arose, the T.P.P. would trump any constitutional concerns.

Speaking of Trump, he promised to scrap the T.P.P. and did do just that as soon as he was elected. Bullet dodged!

The WHO trumps constitution

Coming soon to a country near you! We have days to express ourselves on this one. Hundreds of countries are in the process of locking in these new rules.

--from a post I had seen--

What is so bad about this new treaty?

When the WHO tried to impose anything on the U.S. while Trump was president, he defunded them. O'biden is not likely to do that. If the treaty is signed and ratified, there may not be much that the next president would be able to do about it. Let that hit home!

Well the head of the WHO is not a doctor. He has never taken anyone's blood pressure or prescribed medicine. This is a first ever in health organizations - worse because of the power they are about to wield.

The other shmekle has been quoted saying, "Uh... I are a high school gragitated." That may be true Billy, but I am not sure if we should allow you to identify health threats and send in the UN to enforce any unscientific measures you baboons impose.

Here is a snippet from an article I got off the NIH government website.I think it may be worth your while to see what conspiracy theories are being published by actual doctors, with sources and peer reviews, on official government sites.

click to read this full article at NIH.GOV

A Call to Action

The first step would be to think about what I have presented here. Two guys with the power to select committees, send them into countries and lock people down or inject them with whatever they want. They are not doctors. They are not required to speak with doctors. What kind of world will this be?

Next, you need to call or write anyone that has pull in your place of residence. Express your opinion after you have read up on this horror show.

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