It's a wrap! Welcome, 2023!

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A new year, a new beginnings. For the fresh start of this year, I would like to list the things that I am looking forward for 2023! Both here in read dot cash and to my life outside this platform.

Let's get started!

Here are the things I am looking forward in this year, 2023:

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(Read dot Cash)

  • Celebrate my 1st anniversary

    I am hoping that I will celebrate my anniversary in this platform in September. I have many things to do this year as I will take an examination for civil service, start my internship, graduation day, and seeking my 1st work.

    But, I still want it to celebrate in this virtual world. I want to give back to the people here even in a small way. Hoping that I will be able to create a challenge or contest/s in my anniversary here. Even though, we don't know if this platform is going to continue in the next months or years.

  • Earn at least 1 BCH this year

    Part of my new resolution this year is that, I will track my spendings and just buy the things that I needed. Whenever I started to do an "add to cart shopping" in any online shops, I tend to buy it after a few days or weeks haha.

    So this year, I will try to earn more, but this time, I will save it for future or emergency purposes. Hoping that I didn't what I said lol.

    Also, I am so inspired to other's journey here as I read many success stories wherein they can bought a new laptop or pay their bill through their earnings here. However, it is not seems possible as Rusty already left this platform, but I will still try hehe.

  • Write 365 articles

    I was inspired to do this one when I saw the article of ms. @Jane. As I said earlier, my anniversary here is in the month of September, so basically I didn't get a chance to write 365 articles haha. So now, I would like to try it and challenge myself.

    I am still trying to do better in terms of writing, and there are some times that I hate what I wrote haha. It is hard for me to keep writing everyday as I have school and I am not that good in managing my time. I tend to be easily anxious and

(My Personal Life)

  • Internship

    I am still looking for a company where I will do my Internship. I already sent an email to many companies but some of them are not yet answering back and others are not accepting an on site internship.

    Hopefully, a company accept us before we enrolled for this semester. Our school will conduct an orientation after enrollment and my professor said that we should already have a company beforehand.

  • Civil Service Examination

    It is an examination implemented in different countries for recruitment to the civil service. If you passed this exam, you are qualified to work in a public sector and be an employee their. A fresh graduate can use this chance to gain and learned some experience in a working world.

    As for me, I want to take it now for working purposes when I graduate. Even though I am not planning to work in the government, but  still I don't where my life will direct me, so why not try.

    The examination will be scheduled in March and my schedule for application is at January 4. So, I still have 2 months to prepare. I hope I passed the exam.

  • Graduation

    I claimed it already and hopefully to be achieved. I prayed that I graduated and have a good grades. It's just a bonus if I graduate with flying colors.

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That would be all! Thanks for reading this and stay tuned on my next article!

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: January 2, 2023
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Best of luck with all Joyce :)

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Thanks cool guy! Same with you this year!✨

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