Control your anger before it controls you!

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Being angry is a normal emotion that we, human can feel, and it is completely normal. It can be positive and useful emotion if you expressed it appropriately. For example, you went to the mountains to cry out the anger you have, it might somewhat ease your mind and breath a little. But, it also have many negative impact to others and to yourself, such as; it may increased your anxiety, and you might hurt anyone if you didn't manage it properly.

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Have you ever been so angry that you already hurting others physically or mentally? It is really hard to control our emotions, but we must really do it unless you want to regret your action later on. Therefore, you should learn to manage it, and I will be discussing it in this article.

So first, here are the following topics or highlights of this article;

  • What is anger?

  • How to control your anger?

    • Stop Talking

    • Think before you speak

    • Go for a Jog

    • Play some music

    • Take a deep breath

    • Write it down

What is anger?

According to American Psychology Association anger is an emotion that characterized by hatred toward someone or something that you feel has deliberately done you wrong. It can be also a good thing because dit can give us a way to express a negative feelings that we keeps inside.

But excessive anger can cause us problems. It might increased blood pressure and other physical changes associated with anger. Sometimes, too much anger can make it difficult for us to think straight and we might harm ourselves physically or mentally.

How to control your anger?

The natural way that most of us do to express anger is to respond with it aggressively. It is often aggressive feelings and behavior that we should release. Sometimes we express our anger in a good or bad way.

Excessive outburst of emotion is difficult to control may complicate relationship to others. But, must manage it so we can't create another problem.

However, we shouldn't let out emotion leads to aggression that we physically or mentally abuse others. There are ways things to deal with our anger in a positive way such as;

Stop Talking

We must remember that words are deeper than a sword, it can hurt others if we didn't think about what are we saying. It is a powerful weapon as it has an ability to help, heal, harm or humiliate others. Sometimes, we are unconsciously say some hurtful words to others because we are led by our anger. 

Think before you speak

As I said, were unconsciously say something bad when we are angry. But, of we practice to  stop talking fist so we can't think about negative thoughts that cause us to say hurtful words. Think the reasons why you are angry and then take an action to it. Just give your time to calm first.

Go for a Jog

Running can lift our mood and help us to fix our thoughts and feel us more equipped to confront our anger. It is a therapeutic way for managing our temper, as we felt tired after and relax. As for me, it is like my coping mechanism to reduce my anger or any unpleasant emotions.

Play some music

This might help a little to ease your annoyance in somethings. It might help your feelings to subside by letting the music carry  away your feelings.

Take a deep breath

It helps you to stay calm and let out your anger fades. Calm yourself and give your self some time to back out from a stressful situation when you think your emotion are escalating. It might trigger your anger so take a deep breath and step outside for a fresh air.

Write it down

Sometimes, writing stuffs will help you to fix your thought, and think about why you're feeling angry and how you might resolve it. Write about how you will respond to your situation and to the person that made you angry. Addressed your feelings correctly by writing down the right words to use to your conversation

That's all! Thanks for reading!

Hope you all have a great day!

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Anger issues are most common in young generation and I think it is due to excess of social media

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1 year ago

I agree! too much screen time can have negative effect.

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1 year ago

Very good suggestions on controlling. Any of your suggestions can work. We as humans often want to act out our emotions too quickly. You may hurt others doing so but it can be possible that harm finds you as well. The world we live in unfortunately is dangerous and acting quickly on anger to especially a stranger can provoke violence.

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1 year ago

Exactly, anger can harm others and yourself, so we must really control it.

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1 year ago

The best advice you can give is “Think before you speak.” Some words after they come out are irreversible and cause a great wound, so it is better to learn to control ourselves and to think of any word before we say it.

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1 year ago

Exactly, as I said, words are deeper than a sword...

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1 year ago

I always think before I speak when I am in anger. I choose not to talk than to hurt someone

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1 year ago

Yeah! It is better in that way.

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1 year ago