Troubleshooting problems for Microsoft 365 / Office 2019 (Basics)

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Previously, I shared with you my knowledge and expertise where you can purchase and/or redeem the software, and how to DIA (Download, Install, and Activate) your Microsoft 365 or Office 2019. In this article, let's breakdown the common questions and concerns I usually get with my experience of taking phone calls for a year with Microsoft Office under Teleperformance.

As I have said before, I am no longer affiliated with the company and left 3 weeks ago, and I wanted to share this with you so you'll know what to do, but most of the scenarios would require the assistance of a tech advocate in Microsoft Office. We'll get to the basics first, then with the advanced ones. So let's proceed on breaking down the questions and concerns I commonly get during phone time for Microsoft Office.

Can I download Microsoft 365 or Office 2019 directly to your website? No. It needs to be purchased first before downloading.

Where can I purchase Microsoft 365 or Office 2019? Click/tap this page to read more (change the country at the top right) and it will give you comparisons, features, and benefits of the software that suits your needs. You can also visit your nearest dealer like WalMart, Best Buy, Staples, or any OEM dealer. If you don't want to make a purchase yet, we have a free trial for Microsoft 365 Family.

Does Office 2019 have a free trial? No. Only available for Microsoft 365.

Where can I redeem my software? At or

Where can I view my subscription? To check the status of your subscription, visit

I cannot redeem my software! It says that it was already used. What should I do?

It means this is now linked to your Microsoft account. All you need to do is visit this page to check your software. If you cannot remember which email address is associated to, you can provide your redemption product key at the back of your activation (Point of Sales Activation) card.

I cannot activate my software?

I will ask them, "What have you tried on activating your Office?" They would say:

  • "I entered my product key which is written on my card" - That is your Redemption product key written on your activation (Point of Sales Activation) card. To activate your Microsoft Office, you can use your email address registered on Microsoft, or use the activation product key displayed on your services and subscription page (this only applies if you have the Office 2019 license to your account). To check your activation product key, head over to and click on the link that says View Product Key. Copy your product key and paste it to activate your license.

  • "I purchased a computer from Dell (or from any OEM distributor) including a subscription or license for Microsoft Office. I tried to activate it using my email address and it's telling me that I don't have the software in my account."

The last one is pretty much advanced, so I'll tackle them soon.

Can I share my subscription with anyone?

For the Microsoft 365 Family, yes! You can share this with 6 people. Click/tap here for the guide on how you can share your subscription. While, for the Microsoft 365 Personal it cannot be shared with anyone since this subscription can be installed on up to 6 devices (from desktop, laptop, tablets, and smartphones).

My subscription is expired, and I want to renew my MS 365.

Go to to renew your subscription. Click on renew and you have the option to turn on the recurring billing on your subscription. Do I need to install this again? No need to reinstall the software, just open any of your programs and check if the subscription is active.

For Windows, click the start menu on the bottom left of your screen. Open Microsoft Word. Once opened, click Account on the bottom left and the product information will be displayed there if your subscription is now active.

For macOS, Open your Finder, select Applications, and open Microsoft Word. Once opened, click on "Word" beside your Apple logo on the top-left of your screen. Select the first option - About Microsoft Word, to check your software is active. Or open your Launchpad and click Microsoft Word.

I want to have my Office programs on my smartphone, or tablet.

If you have your subscription registered with your Microsoft account, this will work on your phone or tablet, and the only difference is it has a different installation process.

How can I do a DIA (Download, Install, and Activate) on my handheld devices?

For Android, click/tap here to view the installation guide

For iPhone, click/tap here to view the installation guide.

What if I have a license for Office 2019, will it work on my handheld devices? No. Office 2019 will not work on handheld devices. To use our programs on your phone or tablet a subscription (Microsoft 365) is needed if you're on the go and always on the move.

Other questions and that needs assistance for troubleshooting, I would get is I have my Office 2013 or 2016 previously purchased from your Home Use Program and I need your help to reinstall this again on my computer. I purchased a computer from Dell (or from any OEM distributor) including a subscription or license for Microsoft Office. I tried to activate it using my email address and it's telling me that I don't have the software in my account. It's saying that I need to renew my subscription and I already did renew it? I already have Office 2019, and my computer is asking me to subscribe to MS 365. I want to install and activate my Office 2000, 2007, or 2010 to my Windows 10. I cannot send or receive any messages from my Outlook. I cannot open any of my Microsoft Office programs.

These are the advanced concerns that needs assistance of a tech advocate. Most of them needs to be troubleshooted, others are eligible under Microsoft's policies under their one-time courtesy. In my next article, we'll tackle the advanced troubleshooting and concerns for Microsoft Office.

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I have problem with updating Office 365, it was useful, but not is uninstalled. Thank you for writing about Microsoft package, it is always useful to know something new, or to pick up some tips people know and want to share.

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Your welcome! I previously work here under Teleperformance Philippines, until the account was dissolved then transferred to Jaipur, India. Now, my colleagues are working for MS Xbox. I no longer want to get stuck on the desk while taking calls 8 hours a day while documenting their concern. So, I decided to go full-time here on

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