Days 32 & 33 - Final Plan for Life after lockdown

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3 years ago
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December 17 - 18, 2020. I cannot sleep last night because I transferred my earnings to my bank account. Luckily, around midnight, it was successful. I was able to check my earnings and made a deposit with another account (for emergency purposes) and for my investment on GCash.

As I have mentioned before, the next city I'm going to visit is the City of Manila. This is where I grew up from my pre-teens to pre-adulthood, and this will be my game plan for next week on Monday. I'll arrive at the Terminal in ParaƱaque City around 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm, then will book a room at around 9:00 pm or 10:00 pm to rest. The following day, this is where I'm going to start my tour around Manila. I'll visit the spots where I usually hang out then and see the current situation just like I did when I went to Makati & Pasay. You can visit my previous articles down below.

Manila is a big city and let's see if I can visit another one. I'll be staying in the capital region for 2 days. After that, it's time for me to spend Christmas Eve with my family and it is time to tell my Mom that I left the company so I can help her out with the business.

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Manila is gonna be a rough ride. I hear that restrictions are very much high. Good luck !

And helping you mom is the best thing to do ! At the end of the day if not for her - you would not exist at all. Interesting thought isn't it.

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3 years ago

Yes. People are still required to wear a face mask and shield. I still don't get why do we need to wear face shields throughout the day. Unlike other countries don't need to wear a face shield. Still, the Philippines is under lockdown status. Most of the Islands are now free of the virus, while others are under lockdown from the capital region to the other provinces as of today.

It's another reason why I left the company I previously working for, so I can help out my mom and be my own boss.

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3 years ago