Feel how strong your heart is, believe that with this strength you will overcome all bad thoughts

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2 years ago

If you are one of those who seek peace, here you go. Are we not bored anymore, tired of stress, getting angry, getting angry.

Today we let out our anger. Join me and do it with me.

We all get angry with some people in our lives, sometimes right and sometimes wrong. Ask yourself first,

 Am I right to be angry?

Could my ego have a hand in this?

Could it be that this anger stems from an underlying jealousy?

Could this anger be due to a lack of emotion that I have experienced before or at the moment?

 Put your hand on your heart, yes yes, don't stop and multiply the questions in this direction. Hold your palms to your heart and feel its energy. Feel how strong your heart is, believe that you can overcome all bad thoughts with this power and answer your questions.

 You are the owner of the heart you touch. You are the one who controls your thoughts. Do not forget that it is in your hands to control your anger. Use your free will to the fullest. Do not forget that many of the emotions you feel are caused by some emotions that are not going well in your mind. Otherwise, the heart is pure, usually seeing the good sides of even the bad ones. It is a state of confusion that we humans, unfortunately, cannot fully fulfill.

 Now think about what it will do for you to be angry with that person.

What is the purpose of this anger?

Even when dealing with any job, you will constantly grow this anger in your own mind.

How about letting it go instead?

 Come on, let's get rid of all the evil inside us today. Let's be fresh, Let's get rid of tons of weight, together...

This anger you have right now will not be constructive from the outside, but will almost rot inside you and push you into depression. Thoughts containing anger often contain distortions. The anger inside you turns into a big snowball and prevents you from seeing ahead and moving forward.

 When you wake up in the morning, before you go to bed at night or when you are alone during the day, please take 15 minutes for yourself. And do what I say. Take a deep breath and say the following.

 Anger inside, I know how you got here

But no reason justifies the way they make me feel right now,

I don't want you to hurt me anymore

I don't want you hurting the people around me anymore,

The person I'm angry with... I stay away from you for a while because you create anger in me. I don't want to hurt you or myself.

I release my anger into a roaring river.

My anger had grown inside me and turned to ice,

Now it goes into the unknown with this river and melts into the water.

I am pure now, I am purified, I have nothing but love inside me,

Now all I can give people is love,

 I love my soul and feed my soul with beautiful things,

Anger is now so far away that I can't see it,

I am pure, my soul is pure, no outside reaction can affect me anymore, because I am forever closed to anger, envy and all evil thoughts that harm me.

I love myself, I love people,

I have a mature soul now...

 What I have is enough for me, I live it, what I don't have doesn't belong to me because it's not good for me,

 Did you feel it? Did you see how the anger flows from the river. You are pure now you have no anger anymore, nothing coming from outside or done can upset or disturb you anymore. Don't bring him back! He's not going to do you any good, other than wasting your best time, darkening your eyes and breaking your heart...

 You may be right in your anger, it's a natural state. After all, every emotion we experience is unique to us. We just want to get rid of our anger here. Everything is for us and we self-help travelers know how to deal with which emotion. Think of something positive that our anger can give us? You can't think of anything. Isn't I surprised by that. If you think you need to protect yourself, don't do it out of anger. The only person anger will hurt and take away from you is yourself.

Don't let others make you someone else. But be careful! Don't hate people while doing this... Empathize and just be yourself. What you have is enough for you, with this pure heart, better ones will soon replace the evil you left behind...

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2 years ago


I really want to end this building anger in me. It starts with simple insecurity and it grow bigger. I hate it. I hate when I feel angry. It drains me. It exhaust me. I want to live without this kind of emotions, I want to be free from it.

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2 years ago

Don't let this feeling get you down. When you get angry, think of the good things that connect you to life, my friend.

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2 years ago