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Life is easy for some and easy for others. Everyone eats a slice of the cake. Life teaches us something, thanks to our experiences. We all have some stereotyped mindsets.

I also have some notes that I took from my own life, experiences, and a little of my perspectives. I don't want them to stay with me alone because; I know there are people who may read what I wrote and find a piece of themselves. Maybe I will meet a young girl just in time when she needs it..

Be understanding with people. Not everyone may feel as good as you do at that moment and may not be able to look out of the same window. Believe in love but never say you can't live without it!

Never gossip. Don't gossip about anyone when there are so many good things to talk about and so much exchange of ideas to do. Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. But don't compromise your own behavior just because you're not treated that way.

Beware of parting ways with people. In such situations, who is what, it becomes very clear. And he continues his relations with the same point of view. Say goodbye without breaking a heart. Do not forget that the behavior you do, the words you say will form a chain. Will it be a chain of goodness or a chain of evil? You will give direction.

Do not take a single step on the path that you do not believe in. Don't make promises you can't stand behind. Don't be blindly attached to anyone, it may snow on the mountains you trust.

Heed the words of the elders. Do not attempt a great task without their consent. I have not seen a person who could be happy by disobeying the words of his parents. Don't make big sacrifices for a love that doesn't fit your logic by saying you can never live without it. Everything is beautiful in its place, on time and as it should be.

Beware of conscience hunters. They appear to you with their most beautiful faces. They either take your property or a piece of your heart and leave. Today, don't be offended by the words "I Didn't Come To This World To Be What Everyone Wants".. The person who will interfere with you so much is your family anyway. Time has a moderate aspect.

Make your own decisions, but don't be offended by consulting. Making mistakes teaches a lot of lessons, but it is insane to be led into error on purpose.

Be soft-spoken. If you are not in your mood, stay silent, but do not beware of those who expect a little attention from you with a warm glance, so that their hearts are not hurt by being taken on them.

Good-naturedness does not harm anyone. A good-natured one also loves God in the servant. Fill the void inside you with prayers and see how peacefully it overflows outside. Control your anger, don't break anyone's heart, even if it happens unintentionally, find ways to treat it. Hug a tree, run around, stay away from the unpleasantness that you will put on yourself later.

Love nature, be the last person to want to stir things up, defend your rights when necessary, be constructive, not destructive, empathize. Remember, do not forget the concepts of the heart. Even if you do not have blood ties with the people around you, know the heart.

Forget those who say "don't be with people who won't give you energy". They want to make you a lonely and unhappy person. On the contrary, be friendly. And see how your energy grows. Make a difference in the lives of others. Show your difference.

Don't forget that you can't get anything by deserving without working. And don't forget that you will get what you want in the end of every effort. Do good deeds, so that your existence gains meaning.

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Great article. You have taught me some lessons with your write-up.

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1 year ago

thank you so much :)

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1 year ago

What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.

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1 year ago

you said it very well :)

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1 year ago