The new BCH adjustment algorithm is really superior to the BTC algorithm.

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Currently, BCH is incredibly accurate in the confirmation time of the blocks, transactions are taking 10 minutes on average, sometimes even less than that! They solved the "milking" problem, and now the BCH blocks are much more accurate due to the price volatility of the BTC, as well as that of the BCH itself. This is due to the new difficulty adjustment algorithm implemented in the new update, which was unfortunately overshadowed by the controversial fork. The new algorithm is called ASERT Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (aserti3-2d) ou Simply, ASERT DAA. As stated, he came to modernize the BCH's difficulty adjustment algorithm, leaving light-years behind the BTC algorithm.

Performance graph of the modern BCHalgorithm ASERT DAA. Source:

Graph of the performance of the outdated BTC algorithm. Source:

Graph of the performance of the outdated BTC algorithm. Source:

Its improvements were:

  • Eliminated periodic oscillations in difficulty and hashrate;

  • Reduced the difference in profitability between stable miners for those moving to other mining chains;

  • Maintained the average block intervals close to the 10-minute goal; and

  • brought the average transaction confirmation time closer to the target time (ten minutes).

    Profit margin in BCH mining. Source:

According to jtoomim, DAA ASERT was developed mainly by Mark Lundeberg in February 2020, although an equivalent formula was also discovered independently in 2018, by Jacob Eliosoff, but without Mark Lundeberg's detailed analysis, and again in 2020 by Werner et. al at Imperial College London.

Daily profit in BCH mining. Source:
Daily profit from BTC mining. Source:

But this not only benefits users, who will not have to keep their transactions stopped waiting for confirmation, but also pleases miners who have been making bigger profits in mining BCH for weeks than BTC. As the images in this post.

So you ask me, but why doesn't BTC implement something like that? Soon I answer, because congestion in transactions raises the costs of it, and makes the miners profit from their impatience. It also reinforces the fictional dependence on the Lightning Network.

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