Dead Cake - NFT Play To Earn, collect your Zombie Cakes and earn crypto with them.

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Dead Cake is a science fiction NFT game in the “Play to Earn” format, based on NFT and blockchain technologies, which promotes fun and creativity, where users will have the possibility of having a virtual classroom of ovens to keep your cakes and decorate them.

This game is designed to provide users with a fun experience by collecting pastry creams, decorating cakes and putting them to fight to receive rewards and be exchanged for the internal token (Dead Cake) leading users to earn profits by the simple fact of playing.

The game is implemented on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network and it is compatible with Web3 wallets such as MetaMask, which will be used to accept transactions, buy the official token and pay gas fees.

The story is set in a world of friendly, cartoony cakes, a planet that was once a beautiful colorful paradise, home to the best cakes in the universe. Unfortunately for them, one day by mistake, an accident occurs in a cake factory where the creation recipe is confused with one from a parallel universe creating new cakes, but now less friendly and more aggressive, converting the others through a process infectious in evil creatures thirsty for cream and sweets that seek to destroy all living things around them.

Over time, the friendly cakes lost control of the situation and their own existence, leaving only those mutant cakes with malicious purposes responsible for ending the rest of the beings on their planet, becoming the dominant life form, these are : The Dead Cakes! Now their mission is to reproduce and stay in production inside the ovens to invade and conquer the rest of their universe.

Target of the Game

Offer an attractive, fun NFT game, with an attractive theme, with the potential to extend to the metaverse, with a flexible entry range, where players can have an enjoyable and fun time while generating money just for playing, in addition to enter a story that invites them to continue.

Future DCK

Convert an NFT asset into a usable asset beyond the game and its different modes, providing it with greater functionality for a future within the Metaverse, amplifying the possibilities such as new modes and experiences for the user.

DeadCake (DCK) is a BEP-20 token used by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. It is the native currency of the game that will allow users to buy creams, boosters, decorations and other important items that can be used within the Click-to-Earn mode, such as in the future PvP mode and 3vs3 mode, as well as, it will serve as a redeemer of funds at the time the player decides to change the DCK token to another token or cryptocurrency accepted in PancakeSwap.


  • Supply total: 30.000.000

  • Architecture: BEP-20

  • Decimals: 3

  • Symbol: DCK

  • Contract address: 0xB108dBA49C45a0594907489da59c43d9B6F7dEFC


DCK: The functionality associated with the DCK token, in addition to serving as an exchange rate to another crypto or token pair, has functionalities within the Play to Earn, including the purchase of fillings for the Dead Cakes, as well as other enhancers, and also serves as an offering for the big Cake, allowing players to participate in boss draws and receive the relevant winnings.

This gives the DCK more functionality and reason to be. In turn, in PvP mode, the DCK will also be used to buy items from the associated store. On the activation of the official market, players will be able to sell and buy their NFTs using the DCK.

DCKT: For its part, the DCKT (the currency farmed by the NFT) can also be used to offer it to the Big Cake or be exchanged for the official token at the equivalent rate.

Total Supply of Tokens

Public Sale: Open to everyone who wants to obtain their tokens through PancakeSwap. Anyone will be able to directly redeem the token with BUSD, BNB, USDT, among others.

Benefit for holders: For each transaction made, whether buying or selling within the platform, 3% of the total amount of the transaction will be distributed to all DeadCake (DCK) holders, which will be reflected directly in their wallets. with the increase in its net amount, so if a player decides to keep holding the DCK token, the entire community will benefit, and vice versa.

  • Available for the pool: 24,000,000 DCK (80% of the total supply).

Developer fund: Percentage that will be used as a fund for the game developers: payment of their salaries, marketing, development of the various modes and evaluation of failures, optimization and growth of the project.

  • Game developers and team: 6,000,000 DCK (20% of total supply).

Token Distribution

The economy of the token (or TOKENOMIC) will be raised in the following way from the capital that is raised during the sale and distribution of the In-Game-Currency to promote the world of Dead Cakes.

Later and with the release of the other game modes (PvP and 3vs3) an “In Game Currency” or internal game currency will be launched, which will be used as an intermediary to receive rewards and thus be able to exchange them for DeadCake tokens (DCK), where the player will later be able to exchange them for any other currency pair of their choice.

  • Play to Earn: it will be the capital that users will generate from the interaction with the game.

  • Staking Rewards: a high percentage allocated on periods of time and transactions destined to the Holders of the token.

  • Ecosystem Fund: funds for maintenance and growth, development, equipment, and preventive and corrective maintenance. of the project.

  • Core Team Advisors: creators, designers and advertising.

  • Public Sale: Public sale.


      Tokenomics for (DCKT).

DeadCake Gameplay

DeadCake is a game set in a world where cakes (Cakes) are malevolent creatures that have taken over everything on their planet, with Click-to-Earn mode where anyone with an NFT at their disposal can make money by having the cakes inside each oven, having a maximum of 3 totally free ovens.

Click to Earn mode

Main mode of the game where the NFT’s that come inside the boxes (Insane, Maniac, Strange) or that are bought in the marketplace will be used once the Beta Phase ends and Phase 2 begins, in this mode the players they will be able to “farm” with their NFT’s and make a profit.

Within the Click to Earn mode panel there are three (3) ovens on the screen, with an options panel where the production value, the tokens obtained so far and the inventory panel of all the items or power-ups that can be displayed are displayed. obtain, as well as the purchase tab to obtain them.

The oven will have a cooking time of 4 hours where the cakes can be kept and thus generate tokens once its time is up, it will be displayed at the top of each oven and will be independent for each one. Users will have to click the “get rewards” button to reset the counter and claim the accumulated NFT coins.

When a player forgets to claim the reward, he will not lose the accumulated and the NFT will continue to farm, however, after three (3) hours without claiming (that is, with the counter at 00:00) the amount of coins produced by each NFT goes down by 40% and will be reset when the player claims and consequently I reset the furnace counter.

In this mode, the maximum profit is achieved by having the cake together with its three (3) corresponding enhancers (cream of the same color, filling and a decorative item), with a profit of 100% of what is invested in said enhancers, that is, at the value of 5 BUSD, for three (3) items the investment will be 15 BUSD, but it will generate an extra 30 BUSD, leaving a 100% return on investment.

The cakes will give as a bonus once their time in the oven is over, the internal currency that will be used for all purchases related to the production process of the cakes (power-ups, creams, etc.) and that after the exit of Phase 2 of the game It can be exchanged to the DeadCake token (DCK), so the player can exchange his DCK to any other equivalent currency and thus obtain a tangible reward.

In the event that a player does not have an NFT, they will still be able to access the panel, seeing their empty ovens and waiting for a cake to be placed inside them. The player can choose to get an NFT in the aforementioned ways (by limited purchase of the boxes, by purchase in the marketplace, or by transfer). Later there will be a way to merge NFT’s to mix their characteristics and thus obtain new ones.

Player vs Player (PvP)

In this mode the cakes will fight one by one with their respective rival, the players will enter a room where they will be randomly chosen to fight against another player. Due to the aggressive nature of the Dead Cakes at the slightest provocation they will fearlessly go into battle, only the Dead Cake can face another Dead Cake and neutralize it… At least for a while.

The PvP mode is designed so that players can put a number of their tokens on the scale to increase the bet and whoever is the winner gets the bonus, so it is essential to practice and put together a good strategy before going into battle .

In this mode, players can choose between two modes or ways of playing:

  • Friendly: Matches where cakes fight mostly for fun, so the battles don’t generate any kind of gain beyond practice or the satisfaction of winning. It is a mode designed for beginners who want to learn how battles work without taking too much risk.

  • Competitive: Matches where players bet an agreed amount of tokens, whoever wins the battle will take all the tokens on the table plus match bonus tokens and more surprises, so the higher the buy-in level, the higher it will be the profit. In addition, it is the only way where cakes can increase their level, and therefore their attributes. The token amounts will be announced as the project progresses.

PVP 3 vs 3: Game mode where at least three (3) NFT’s will be needed to access and be able to make them fight in strategy and leadership battles. We are developing this mode so that it is original compared to current games, any news we will inform you.


The Dead Cakes (DeadCake) are evil creatures with the appearance of cakes of dubious origin and are the main characters of the game, as the events take place on their planet. The Cakes serve within the game as the NFT’s, being used to farm within the ovens and have the characteristics of being transferable to other wallets, as well as salable and purchasable within the official market on the page.

There are 12 types of cakes at the time of release in the beta phase of the game:

  • Six (6) Insane (Basic) type.

  • Three (3) Maniac (Normal) type.

  • Three (3) Strange (Legendary) type.

Subsequently, and with the passage of the mergers, there will be new and more varied cakes that will open up a complete range of designs and colors.

  • Insane (Basic): Cakes that in ancient times were the most common, without special characteristics and with relatively simple and quiet lives. Now, as Dead Cakes, they are the minimum necessary to supply production. It could be said that they are the equivalent of the common soldier due to the fact that they were able to change the internal recipe (DNA) of other innocent cakes and transform them into Dead Cakes.

DeadCake Insane (Basic)

  • Maniac (Normal): These types of cakes were known for being produced in smaller quantities than the Basic type and for having better characteristics than the previous ones. They withstand harsher weather conditions and their life expectancy is longer. Now as Dead Cakes they are more productive, durable and strong, but unlike the normal ones, the legendary ones have a bigger appetite, eating all kinds of life forms.

DeadCake Maniac (Normal)

  • Strange (Legendary): Legendary-type cakes are a consequence of the change in their genetic code from another universe (in their case, their creation recipe), giving them an unimaginable production and survival capacity. Because this type of cake did not exist in ancient times, characteristics such as its limits or its “life expectancy” are unknown. They are the most resistant and efficient in production, much more than the legendary type, and are said to be the answer to their species’ desire to conquer their entire universe.


The Creams are the equivalent to the vital force of the cakes, they are the item used to keep the Dead Cakes in production, because they need to be kept fed (in their case with the creams) and thus continue with the production, it should be emphasized that for a Dead Cake to use a cream, it must correspond to the color of the DeadCake, it is unknown if the reason is due to its cannibalistic nature or due to a personal taste of each cake.

There are a total of 10 Covers and 10 Fills, so the player must choose correctly


Boosters are all those extra items that can be placed on top of a cake (whether cherries, candles, skulls, etc.) with the function of decorating them and providing them with better taste features, which translates into a better production with the cake inside the oven. Each Boosters or item will cost 5 BUSD and will have a maximum duration of 30 days once they come into effect, being placed in a single cake, having the characteristic of not being transferable to another cake and once used they will fulfill their effect.

A cake can have a maximum of three (3) boosters at the same time, opting for a production upgrade of 100% of the cost of all three (3) boosters (i.e. 15 BUSD), which translates to a production of 30 BUSD every 15 days (shown later in table 2).

Once the booster has expired, it will disappear from the player’s inventory and from the oven, with the possibility of re-placing new boosters in the respective positions, which implies buying them again.


The oven is a material asset and the necessary equipment to allow the production of the Dead Cakes and where they will be inserted to start generating. Each oven allows a maximum of one Dead Cake along with three (3) boosters at a time, and each account defaults to a maximum of three (3) ovens running and ready to go.

Each oven is intended for each type of Dead Cake, so if the player has many cakes of the same type (basic, normal or legendary) he will only see one inside the oven that will be the representation of those he owns, and the others will be inside. also, but visually there will be a numerical indicator that indicates it, for example, when having two (2) basic ones, the first of them will appear and a number that will indicate the quantity.

BigCake - DeadCake

It is the biggest, strongest and most powerful Cake in existence. The stories say that he was one of the first Dead Cake to appear and survived the explosion of that first cake factory caused by them.

It is said that it ate other Dead Cakes and absorbed the remaining radiation, causing it to mutate to near the size of a building. He now inhabits the region near the explosion and can be visited, as long as he is calmed down with a good offering of creams and fillings.

Even on some days, if you are lucky, he will share riches with those who offer him more food to calm his endless appetite for cakes.

Within the game, it serves as a sub-mode where players can invest a small amount of their wealth (from 1 BUSD) and each week, at the end of the period, it will distribute prizes (BUSD) proportional to the total percentage of the player’s contribution, organized by positions, where the first 500 positions will have a boosted reward (recovering their contribution several times) and the last positions will have less earnings.


On our DeadCake page, within the Marketplace session, all users will be able to freely trade all their items, carrying a demand price for purchase and sale.

Buy and Sell Cakes.

Purchase and Sale of Enhancers (items or pastry creams).

Minting of the Nfts

Below we show you a table of values to have in hand a series of possibilities and types that best suit your style of play.

Box DeadCake

  • INSANE Basic Box – Value 65 BUSD (Subject to change)

In this table of values you will be able to differentiate and study the probabilities and impact that your DeadCake will have on your game mode.

  • MANIAC Normal Box – Value 105 BUSD (Subject to change)

In this table of values you will be able to differentiate and study the probabilities and impact that your DeadCake will have on your game mode.

  • STRANGE Legendary Box – Value 235 BUSD (Subject to change)

In this table of values you will be able to differentiate and study the probabilities and impact that your DeadCake will have on your game mode.

In this weekly rotating market, players will have a multiple selection of cakes, items or custards, which they can purchase to mint new cakes in the DeadCake ovens. (These ingredients will have limited quantities).


DeadCake, is not responsible for damages or prejudices with respect to its products and at no time encourages, requests, proposes or forces to invest in the game or in the platform, for which the developers and team members are not responsible for financial loss on the part of the user.

Our intention is to create alternative income production methods accessible to all audiences. The information in this whitepaper is subject to change or update and should not be construed as a commitment or guarantee by the creators of the game or organization mentioned in this technical document related to the future availability of services linked to the use of the tokens or their performance, market value, among others.

This document should not be seen as an invitation or request to purchase shares, securities or assets. DeadCake TM expressly disclaims all liability for any incidence or loss whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from reliance on any information contained herein, any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in such information or any action resulting therefrom.

This is not a purchase recommendation or financial advice, it is strictly informative. Do not trade or invest in affected tokens, companies or entities solely on this information. Any investment involves risks such as: price volatility, inadequate liquidity and potential total loss of principal.

Investors should conduct proper independent research, with the assistance of professional financial, legal and tax professionals, on issues related to crypto assets and develop a personal judgment of the relevant markets before making any investment.

In turn, the graphs, tables and other visual aids were supported solely for informational purposes according to the programming of this project.

Dead Cake es un juego NFT de ciencia ficción en formato “Jugar para Ganar (Play to Earn)”, basado en las tecnologías NFT y blockchain, que promueve la diversión y la creatividad, donde los usuarios tendrán la posibilidad de tener un salón virtual de hornos para mantener a sus pasteles (cakes) y decorarlos.

Este juego está diseñado para brindar a los usuarios una experiencia divertida al recolectar cremas pasteleras, decorar a los pasteles y ponerlos a luchar para recibir recompensas y ser intercambiadas por el token interno (Dead Cake) llevando a los usuarios a obtener ganancias por el simple hecho de jugar.

El juego está implementado sobre la red de Binance Smart Chain (BSC) y él mismo es compatible con monederos Web3 como MetaMask, que se utilizarán para aceptar transacciones, comprar el token oficial y pagar tarifas de gas.

La historia se encuentra ambientada en un mundo de pasteles amigables y caricaturescos, un planeta que alguna vez fue un hermoso paraíso colorido, hogar de los mejores pasteles del universo. Desafortunadamente para ellos, un día por error, en una fábrica de pasteles ocurre un accidente donde es confundida la receta de creación con una proveniente de un universo paralelo creando nuevos pasteles, pero ahora menos amistosos y más agresivos, convirtiendo a los otros mediante un proceso infeccioso en criaturas malvadas sedientas de crema y de dulces que buscan destruir a todo ser vivo a su alrededor.

Con el paso del tiempo los pasteles amigables perdieron el control de la situación y de su propia existencia, quedando únicamente aquellos pasteles mutantes con fines maliciosos responsables de acabar con el resto de seres en su planeta, convirtiéndose en la forma de vida dominante, estos son: ¡Los Dead Cakes! Ahora su misión es reproducirse y mantenerse en producción dentro de los hornos para invadir y conquistar el resto de su universo.

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