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Bitcoin Cash is Down and it's good for us here.

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11 months ago

Bitcoin Cash is Down, it's good for us here.

Yes, you read it right, and gonna take a ride now to explain why BCH Down like today is good for us, first we need to take a look at the price, at the moment of this posts the BCH price Dropped 8% just today, if you are a newbie in the cryptocurrency world you may be worried seeing this price, going down, but stay calm this is normal, and BCH drop is good for those who are here on, because we are earning more! l

Seeing the Bitcoin Cash Price

Let's take a look at the price for today, if looking into weekly and 14 days chart we are accumulating some loss, but in 30 days or more it's a wininning for BCH, 46% in a year? There is no traditional investment that gives you that profit, and I can tell something for Sure, Bitcoin Cash is really cheap right now, it's just a question of time to the price starts mooning, one of the Biggest cryptos in the market and also the closest crypto to reach global adoption, wait and see.

This bring us to an opportunity, with Bitcoin Cahs dropping we are lucky on, according to the fund 500 Dollars are distributed here everyday, so with this 8% drop we are Earning more Bitcoin Cash, what is better than Buying a good grypo? Earn it, for free, just using your effort and time.

Due to this price drops over the week, the fund will be Ditributing around 1.26 BCH:

To make some comparisson, the yesterday price was around 430$ each BCH, in terms of Fund distribution Yesterday was distributed 1.16 BCH to the active users, this is real profit, in just one Days we are earning 0.1 BCH more, don't worry about the USD price, we have a chance to grab more BCH, so do it, be happy when the amount os satoshis your earn is more, and make some math, when BCH reaches 2K USD and more, it will tottally worth, that why we need to be happy when the price goes down for a while, it's the world, the market, giving us a chance to stash more.

Day by day, we are winning, this is onlky a win situation, you only lose if you sell you BCH, of course many os us need to sell some parts, it happens, the world is not perfect, but make your vault, and try to save as much as possible, do not store fiat, store Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash has the capacity to meet the demand for credit cards like Diners Club without increasing the fee or congesting the network, and still encourages miners. This is BCH buddy! The expectations for the next years of BCH are much higher than that on BTC, which is experiencing its golden moments, TODAY would already be able to reach the GLOBAL transaction demand of all of the leading payment companies(mastercard, visa, etc) just with the power of Blockchain!

The BCH with an average transaction size of 481.62 bytes, can perform about 116 transactions per second. For a more in-depth explanation, you can read the Coinanalysis post to understand more.

We also know that a simple “standard” transaction needs only 226 bytes to be processed, so theoretically the network could process up to 247 transactions per second.

The calculations in this text disregard the speed about how the Bitcoin Cash can process blocks and send them, it can be different sometimes, So, you can see the important advances that the Bitcoin Cash Network has made in recent years. There is a growing potential to establish itself as a common currency in the future and a free tool for daily payments by a significant number of people around the world.

Well, there is many more reasons why you should hold BCH, I'll leave as content for another posts, there is a lot of information and reasons to make your crypto Vault with this one, for sure it will be a success in the next years, we just need to be patience, even fiat toke years to be used as a global currency, centuries to mass adoption, we are only in 4 Years of BCH and 10 years of crypto, and look how this have changed the world already, so, wait more 10 years to see how far we are going.

Some people are sad because lose the Bitcoin Opportunity, and well, we all have another chance with Bitcoin Cash, enjoy the opportunity.

Just today we have 1.26 BCH in the game, and I'm already taking my part.

Just Do it.

Yesterday you Said tomorrow, Don't let your Dreams be Dreams!

Good luck everyone, Grab BCH.

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Written by   202
11 months ago
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Thank you sir for giving us good thoughts. 😍😍

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10 months ago

😂😂😂 Very good!

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10 months ago

That a good

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11 months ago

i'm not worried either, these are my exact sentiments these days. great explanation!

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11 months ago

Well, explained 😊 I will share this at

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11 months ago

Awesome, thank you :)

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11 months ago