The Influence of Social Caste: The Intellectual Worthy But Fallen By Honor

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The social environment is a place where humans carry out life activities to seek and obtain energy sources to support their needs. environmental conditions affect the performance of human civilization security level, economic stability, population density, ideological differences, intellectual level become a measure of survival in general. competition between individuals and groups has influenced positive values, the impact of the turmoil of social life reduces personal authority, is not in harmony with the norms and teachings of beliefs.

The level of difference in general causes inequality without harmony, the lack of individual adaptation because psychological factors have hindered a person's development to reach their goals and future. Strong intellectuals are not the main hope of renewing the state of life because of the lack of tolerance between human beings. the friction of the times left a bad image of the moral capacity of society, the eligibility of individuals to occupy certain positions has been usurped by high power and honor.

The high position of social caste neglects the civilization of the lower class of society to be helpless. Economic level competition manipulates a person's right to obtain a valuable and high-value position. The fact shows that wealth, position, honor and power affect the life of low social status, which is no longer in line with the ideology of humans as social beings.

The real view is seen when someone holds a position of power in a territorial area where all elements of government performance are held in full. The power government system affects aspects of people's lives, only certain members can adapt and interact with incumbents, even the replacement of the position rights of small regional leaders is replaced by not conferring a symbolic award for leadership performance.

The influence of social castes is getting wider on the development of the poor, the ability to stand independently has been nurtured since childhood, knowledge is mastered thoroughly, the content of values ​​and norms has been stored, but due to lack of energy and funds and weak connections to the power holders, it is finally ignored.

Each territorial line of office power is filled by family members and members of the community with high economic standing who actually do not have high intellectual capacity. power has become like a "royal system" inequality continues to occur when jobs are only occupied by certain members of the community or have good relations with power holders so that they do not provide space for lower class people to develop their social lives.

Selfish attitude has damaged the integrity of the voice of speech that is not in accordance with the act of putting aside position, causing a big difference between subordinates and honor. becomes futile when the role of parents in educating their children with sweat and suffering sacrifices their lives just to see their children succeed but hopes turn to tears when power snatches their rights.

The role of the family is indeed important as a supporter of achieving dreams and ideals but becomes damaged when the dream is achieved by occupying a position of selfishness that prioritizes family life without paying attention to the lives of others. awareness of ancient people's words have become real that "morality is more valuable than gold and gems" this image seems to happen can not be covered human dignity is very valuable can not be bought with money.

Human intellectual abilities have differences, lower classes have higher motivation to learn, understand, explore science because of the urge to change social status. the assumption that when a person has intelligence and obtains an education degree, the opportunity to change the capacity of social status is more open. This statement is considered true and rational, but the reality on the ground shows the reverse fact that people with inadequate knowledge but have strong connections with power holders have a chance to win hope. and aspirations.

The lower classes have begun to assume that it seems that life is starting to return to the law of the jungle, whoever is strong will survive no longer putting forward the ability and capacity of thinking power as a driving force for field technical performance in various aspects of work. suffering of subordinates occurs within a period of 4-5 years in accordance with the tenure of the holder of power, meaning that during the period of carrying out the duties of government officials, they are in a red circle.

Position and honor as if to become steel for survival. almost every corner of the field and area stands a human figure with a weak capacity but is appointed because of the capacity of family and honor. This problem causes the development and progress of a regional area to be weak because the leader does not have integrity, weak thinking power, lack of knowledge, love of money, etc. The impact is also included in the scope of the law when an official or respectable person commits an act detrimental to the state and other people, often legal manipulation occurs because it is protected by money and the path of honor.

It must be understood deeply that sometimes humans forget where they come from and when their life ends when the level of satisfaction overwhelms their brains, thoughts, and feelings, they forget where they came from, not iron.

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The impact of this incident is very influential for small lives, but keep in mind that above office there is a Supreme Power, namely God, the owner of life. pray to Him because He will turn injustice into truth.

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This story is based on real events that occurred in the area where I live and this understanding is based on my thoughts, there is no intention to harm others.

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I think it's because they don't fear God, so they think that position and a lot of money can buy honor and power, very tragic. In the end, little people will bear it all.

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2 years ago

Humans are limited with mindsets and views about humanity, not all things are dealt with in a positive way because the human tendency always prioritizes the desire of many words to come out just for initial pleasure for others but after that everything changes.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Yes, when the greed for wealth enters mind, people forget everything.

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2 years ago

more understanding for the life that we have been through is the best way to live in difficult times of life cannot avoid life's problems but must face them by asking for help from God.

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2 years ago

The consequence of the change in personal character is the desire to change status on the basis of simple initial expectations but the view changes when feeling happiness that has never been thought of before so that acts of power become a shutter of intimidation for subordinates. Social castes change the prospect of togetherness separating the rich and the poor.

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2 years ago

Humans have a higher desire when they are in the zone, changes in attitudes and mindsets threaten the innate morality from childhood, worldly luxuries and mortal happiness, forcing individuals to pressure others to maintain the existence of social castes. the treasures of the world have closed the eyes of the heart, drowned the life of loving one another.

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2 years ago