Shaman's Constellation

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Human civilization in the world is often associated with supernatural ideologies, each individual has the choice to determine and find solutions in overcoming life problems experienced. Some individuals choose a pragmatic way to get something based on their heart's desire, even though the actions taken are not in accordance with the values, norms, and beliefs that exist in society. Satisfaction is seen as a thing that brings happiness, so most individuals seek solutions in irrational ways, but in reality these actions pay off. In other words, every individual wants something without going through a long process, wasting time, incurring high costs and waiting. Every human being has a desire and that is the essence, sometimes human expectations are not in accordance with their abilities so that various ways are done so that these desires can be possessed.

Although science and technology have made it easier for humans to find solutions, in reality not all problems and desires of every human life can be solved by involving elements of science and technology. Some individuals tend to choose to interact with the supernatural by involving a second party or in this case called a "shaman". Supernatural life is identical with shamans or people who have mystical abilities, can interact with other creatures in different realms. This process is considered an irrational act because it is considered mystical and difficult to believe. Believe it or not, but in reality the services of a dukun are often used by some individuals, with the aim of getting solutions and satisfaction.

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Shaman character, like a doctor. Receive instructions and complaints from patients or others. Shaman acts as a liaison between humans and supernatural beings. Some people believe that this kind of action can get results according to the patient's request to the shaman. Wealth, happiness, healing, and a life partner, are some of the many requests that patients make to healers. Believe it or not, some individuals have felt the effects, they were able to get what they wanted, but it turned out that the satisfaction was short-lived and in the end their lives had to be at stake if they didn't follow the shaman's requirements. In his term, "victim" is the main condition that must be done so that the process of someone's request can be fulfilled. Various types of sacrifices such as the lives of humans and animals, Just like offerings, the lives of humans and animals are sacrificed to be offered to supernatural beings. If these requirements are not met, the patient's life is at stake and even the lives of family members can be threatened.

In Indonesia, there are many supernatural practices carried out by shamans. In practice, some people receive disaster when they are contaminated with occult knowledge. Many irrational events that occur in some people, experience pain but the disease can not be detected scientifically by doctors and hospitals. Another indication appears, based on the revenge factor because there is a conflict between the two parties, so that the practice of dukun is often an option to overthrow and even deceive others.

In practice, the world of shamanism is seen as unnatural because it is contrary to spiritual teachings, laws and norms in society. But on the other hand, shamans are seen as useful people because they can assist law enforcement officers in uncovering cases, robberies, thefts, murders and other cases that cannot be solved scientifically. In this case the shaman becomes a source of problem solvers in uncovering criminal cases.

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The world debate about the constellation of shamans, raises the perception that the nature of shamans tends not to have a stand but to be cooperative. That is, the shaman's actions are only based on individual requests. Even if the request is positive or negative.

As humans we have choices according to our ability to learn everything in this world. There are many tempting offers to get prosperity in life, but not all of them according to the rules and teachings. Life requires a process to achieve happiness, wisely choosing something is a commendable action.


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I don't believe that there is highest sacrifice than that of Jesus blood. Any other is already done to other lower gods.. I've seen even here of shamans that don't like one but I knew they are. If polices can use them for cases then may it bring good results as not to harm anybody.

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