Queue Due To Stupidity: Fraudsters Using Famous Brands

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Sitting waiting for the queue of calls, just for arrival for a time overlooking CS.

The overnight issue made my Fiat Bank accounted by the fraud, stupid I followed the way of being a cheater. The phone was one several times when I was liking with the appeal of the caller that I won the lottery from the shopee. The conversation was almost a few hours I was not believed but my brain was like being hypnotized by the words. Irace the cheat of the fraud then I follow the stage by step, after the fraudstrimizer sued up his cell phone and finished the Bank of Fiat Bank has been in others.

Can not fall asleep until the late night, Bank Fiat account became a burden in my mind. Hoping the morning sun coming soon, the hours of thoughts to dawn through the dark clouds waiting to get behind the world's darkness to see the beautiful sun shine his blue sky. Can my bank account back.

The double-drinking room door woke me up, it turns out the sun has appeared, while my father shouted for me immediately woke up from Kotok Island. Hoping the good day came, rushing and sliding with motor vehicles coming to the Bank Fiat branch office.

Number two young antiranians, the effects of the spirit would like to get back the account that hands hands overnight. The arrival of this morning looks at the office workers have not sat in their place to work.

Queu Number two are called, I face and tell the story of the ignorance I have done. Back to obtain lost account account after Reset CS, account created return username and password changed. The expression thanks to the bank's officials, their work is very professional.

Fraud Dedicated Welcome to the Service

Cought with the current state, the fraudsters have designed something that can burn the information of the privacy data we have. The various ways they do to get part of the real money savings, they are like a sneaky snake and talk like a sincere reant.

Using a famous brand for the reason for the official gift as an active user. Big Offer Questions without paying costs into the most powerful conerests vigorize the vigilance of Bank Fiat account owners.

Browsing hours on the news page by looking for the same topic with the events I have experienced turns out the Boomm, the owner of the bank is almost heavy of people in Indonesia ever experiencing the same way. The difference between the balance of the bank of Fiat Bank is very little, so a bit feel independently. In contrast to the few additions I have read, the owner of the bank account lost money until tens of millions.

Protect your bank account to be not tailored to lose money, waiting for the queue is very boring but proud when the Bank Fiat account can return.

Beware before it is too late, the conerest is everywhere.


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Just as many post online that scammers are upgrading their technique, we should also upgrade more how to detect them before we get victimize.

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1 year ago

My house renter had lost 7.2k BDT for her fault.Even she works at the same company and fraud called by using that company.Though she gave her account pin and otp.

This scamming is going on all over the world.

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1 year ago

Those scammers are improving their tricking methods everyday, we need to be smart as well to be able to detect scammers incase they come attacking us

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1 year ago